If you have a thing for metals and are confused about how to wear it right without looking like a fashion criminal we have got you covered. Here are five throwback edgy styles for you to place your metal bangles with swag. Let’s get started…

Take out that printed Maxi Gown/Skirt

Take out that printed Maxi Gown Skirt-Showing_off_her_fashion_credentials_Audrina_Patridge_looked_love

Dark printed maxi dresses are the right friends of metal bangles. They enhance the beauty and texture of your dress and give you that chick look without going over the top girly. So next time when you have to play dress up on a day out you know your accessory pick.

The ON and OFF winter Sweater

boho-The ON and OFF winter Sweater

Since we all own a few dark color sweaters for the confused winter weather (Delhi people we get your pain) you don’t want to put up all that gothic chick drama either. Best time to take out those colorful chunky metal bangles and slap the weather with your coolness.


How-to-Wear-Silver-Boho-Bangle-Bracelets-GOA BEACHES

Salty ocean water can ruin your accessory but you can’t let that spoil those sexy beach pictures. Metal comes to the rescue. Time to own few turquoise metal bangles and few others too. So while you are relaxing at the bare minimum of your wardrobe you will be wearing maximum of your accessory just to keep that edge.

Top the Tank Game

Top the Tank Game-silver-bangle-bracelets-sets

We get it tank tops are ever green super comfortable and well they are tank tops. But you really need to add a boho spark to it now as you are not a 13 year old anymore. Metal bangles are a must for all the tank top lovers out there. Get them in silver if you are a white or loud color lover as they give that Beyonce style quota.

Your Total ensemble chart for Beginners

Your Total ensemble chart for Beginners

So for the beginners of the fashion world here is the top to bottom guide for you. Yes fashion world does have the way to spoon feed you the common trend breaking grounds. Winters doesn’t have to be all coveralls in clothes. Spark up some funky metal earrings and bangles and you are good to nip Jack Frost.

Well time to blow away your shopping blues. You actually don’t have to go foot to foot hunting for all that was shown here. Just spring on to BLING STATION for metal bangles online and check out its metal bangles online store.