Nose Rings to Bling your Bridal Look!

Nose rings have always been a stunning jewelry for woman which gives them a distinctive look instantly. Also for all those who have been waiting to pierce their nose there is good news for you! Now you can choose from these adorable and fashionable nose rings for your wedding day. Pick the right one this time and look gorgeous on any occasion. The most common type of nose ring worn by girls nowadays is the segment ring. They are basically plain rings and are available in different colors. Continue reading “Nose Rings to Bling your Bridal Look!”


10 Amazing Idea to wear Earrings with Short Hair!

Many people think woman with short hair does not look good and they cannot style themselves with different type of earring or hairstyle because whatever they will do will not suit them. NO! This is completely wrong, woman with short hair look classier according to me and I am sure a lot of people will agree to the same thing! In fact this plays an important role in enhancing their entire look and a perfect way to flaunt their beautiful earrings on all occasions.
Let us scroll down and check up the different kind of earrings to match up with short hair!

Silver Ear Cuffsimage002

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Get The Gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan Look

Is there any lady who does not have any desire to look snappy, while additionally feeling like she is the one in control? Also, that is the manner by which possibly control dressing rises. Kareena Kapoor Khan experts it absolutely like boss as she walks holding the simplicity of force in this monochrome look. Here’s the manner by which you also can get this look with the little help of Bling station.

Gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan Look 

The Pristine White Palazzo Pants3.2.GET THE GORGEOUS KAREENA K KHAN Power Dressing LOOK

The white trousers which Kareena has wore are the main thing that hop out at you in this look. Furthermore, all things considered as well! – it’s the main piece of shading (or absence of it :P) in the look. In any case, there is more: White offers the guarantee of delicacy, and the outline of these trousers additionally offers the fantasy of development powered by straightforwardness. This is the thing that genuine force is about – being agreeable in your skin. What’s more, that is the reason this piece fits directly into your energy dressing closet! Try pearl accessories to match this pristine color.

The Simple Oomph Black Top3.1.GET THE GORGEOUS KAREENA K KHAN LOOK-200x250

Kareena’s look has a basic dark top, which could likewise just about be a tank beat, and which permits her to display her body like a woman in control does. Furthermore, control dressing is entirely about straightforwardness and making clean lines in your look – like this dark top. With its smooth glossy silk adornment on the neck area, it includes only that tad bit of oomph to make the entire straightforward look attractive.


The Pull-It-All-Together Black Jacket

Be that as it may, it wouldn’t all be able to be just about sprucing up and looking attractive with regards to power dressing! You got to pull it all together darling! Which is the reason, as Kareena K, you get yourself this draw it-all-together coat in dark. What’s more, I think with regards to a third piece likes a coat, it is about extent – so the length of this coat does make a difference! Look at how the coat in Kareena’s look pretty much covers her hips. So does this Tom Tailor coat which we suggest here – go too short and you can look excessively smooth and go too long and you can appear as though you’re dressed for an occasion. So pick this length which is simply right to bestow you control in the meeting room.


The Timeless Tan Shoes

There is nothing more ageless or rich than the shading tan. Like Kareena, you can wear a couple as well. Wear these tan mid-heeled shoes and you won’t simply ooze tons of taste, additionally, the pointy toes send a reasonable message to everybody about who the supervisor woman is!


The No-Nonsense Jewelry

Like Kareena’s own particular accessory, you can also have timeless jewellery. Just go to Bling station to put together Kareena’s minimalist accessory look. You can buy metal bangles online to match with it.


The RAWR! Shades

We are so cherishing the shades Bebo has on, young ladies! They include that pizazz of identity into her entire “who’s-the-supervisor” look! With their panther print outlines, these shades will give you a chance to venture out into the world directing the crude creature power which you do have, and which makes the world toast your sheer brave!

5 ways to Wear a Skirt with a Twist

If you are in love with skirts but are in a conundrum to how to make them look different and fabulous for everyday and different occasions then you have got to stick it right till the end to grasp the different styles I am going to teach you. So, the next time you put out a skirt from your wardrobe you will exactly how to wear it.

Indo-Western Super Comfortable Look

Indo-Western Super Comfortable Look Online Shoping Store India

Go to your Indian Section get an awesome full length long skirt and pair it with your formal blouse. Make sure you are taking the right contrasting colors. You are all set for a bang on office look and a hundred compliments.

Scarf that Skater Skirt

Scarf that Skater Skirt Online Shopping Store India


Since skater skirts are high on fashion we all bought one. So why waste good money by keeping it stocked in the closet. Put a belt, put a scarf add some metal bangles and you are all set to pull off the official look with not so official skirt. You can buy the scarf and belt online to save time. Try BLING STATION to do latest designer metal bangles online shopping.

Be a Regular Next door Girl with Velvet skirt

Be a Regular Next door Girl with Velvet skirt-Women-font-b-Skirts-b-font-Spring-Summer-Neon-Green-Skater-font-b-Skirt Online Shopping Store India

It is cool and it is comforting. You will have no problem pulling off this look because deep inside us we all are that denim girls living like a skirt chick. So why not get the best of both worlds.

Pull out that Pull-over

sweater Pull out that Pull-over Online Shopping Store India


Your mother and her mother, they all were right. Pull-over do protect you best from winters. But you can’t just think of putting it over a skirt. Take a closer look with the right attitude and bright smile your pencil skirt will complement that high neck. Best advice put a metal belt or a metal bangle to give it a winter breezy look. You can buy Designer metal bangles online in India on BLING STATION.


PRINTED SKIRTS as FORMALS Colored-Blazers-Pencil-Skirts Online Shopping Store India

Anyone who has been in tabloids of fashion industry has been obsessing over printed skirts or shipping print. When it looks so good on mannequin it totally bizarre us when we try to wear it. No need to nod your head sheepishly at it. These three patterns show us that by choosing subtle color blouse and metal accessories we can pull off this skirt like a boss. Be careful when you are choosing the color of the blazer it totally needs to match the skirt.


No More Mismatches – Fashion Trends

Ladies New Year has begun already and it is going to bring lots of different occasions. No need to sweat already about your dresses and accessories. We have got that covered. We are going to tell you what to wear on that particular special occasion without looking like a Christmas tree or a total sleeping hog. We will give you perfect accessorizing for that perfect dress.

1. Work Special

Are you one of those who can’t decide what to wear in a semi formal work occasion? You don’t want to suit up looking to start a conference neither would your sparkle sneakers work. Here is your perfect red dress to put on with matching accessories. Red because DUH-UH you need to stand out in that crowd and accessories that will complete that bold and beautiful look.

Work Special - No More Mismatches – Fashion Trends

2. Valentine on a Sunday…

Yes, check your calendar, this year it is a whole day out not just a two hour thing. So you can’t really glam up like a doll in that little cool breeze still blowing in middle February neither can you just throw your hands and say my sweatshirt will do just fine. This little pink and white dress wrapped up with a scarf will make your day comfortable and memorable. To all those confused boyfriends out there check out the website BLING STATION for cute elegant latest bracelets online shopping. Because no woman ever said she has enough jewelry.

Valentine on a Sunday - Great Cocktail Party Outfit Ideas : No More Mismatches – Fashion Trends

3. Weekdays Clubbing

We don’t judge you because we do it too. A break is needed every once in a while even in the middle of the week and no one has enough energy to put on a dress and drag themselves to the floor. Here are your perfect pants to rock that night.

Weekdays Clubbing : No More Mismatches – Fashion Trends

Those of you are wondering where to buy that awesome designer bracelets online in India we have got you sorted. Just go to Bling STATION and buy that same piece with many other cool fashion accessories.

 4. Cocktail Wedding Night

Yes we know that those are the worst. Everyone judging you for still being single but turn their looks to wondering, as to how did she manage to look so fabulous around so much life crisis?

Taylor Cocktail Wedding Night : No More Mismatches – Fashion Trends


5. Grande Celebrations

Year has only started we don’t know but we do hope you will need to pick out this dress. The exact definition of elegance and fashion mixed into one. Thank us later when you are bombarded with compliments.

Grande Celebrations : Minty Summer Cocktail Outfit Idea - No More Mismatches – Fashion Trends

Happy Partying!! 😉