Four Rules To Follow In Fashion Week

Fashion Week is a wonderful time to flaunt your road style and truly catch the consideration of the media. Those style editors will expound on you, your toxic acquaintances will be distinctly watching you and you will feel like the superstar yourself. All things considered, while the runways are loaded with couture and prepared to-wear outlines, it is likewise the chaperons, who set the most recent patterns. This in itself implies that you should be additional watchful about who and what you are wearing when you venture into the lobbies facilitating the Fashion Week appears.

Four Rules To Follow In Fashion Week

Trust BlingStation when we say that; you need to go to a truly alluring gathering, wherein you will meet some fantastically stunningly dressed individuals, who waver on some inconceivable heels and display amazing fashion jewelry incredible measure of skin, have lavish tastes and greatly thin legs. Presently, consider how you will be mixing in as opposed to standing out like a weed among the blooms. It’s truly essential to figure out how to dress to go to a style week appear, before hustling to hit the roads to meet the most prevalent It young ladies and Fashion influencers posturing for the camera lenses of expert picture takers!

1. Keep it Casual

In all actuality you are not attempting to be the model yet simply there to appreciate the gathering with all whatever remains of them. You don’t have to resemble a million dollars yourself, regardless of the possibility that the pieces being showcased have such a fantastic sticker price. Odds are that you will scarcely even be gotten on camera so simply accept circumstances for what they are and attempt to be more similar to you, by and by. Wear turquoise statement necklace for the summer look picture.

2. Know a Tailor

There’s nothing more awful than seeing a lady escape a taxi and enter a Fashion show venue while appearing as though she has obtained her pieces of clothing from somebody either a size or two greater or much littler than herself. Pulled catch, additional free coats, pants that appear as though they are painted on yet ought not do as such, or even skirts with trims far too short to be a piece of the most recent style patterns; odds are you will be conferring an awful violation of social norms on the off chance that you don’t get yourself to a tailor and make every piece you are wearing fit you by and by like a glove. Your body is not nonexclusive and neither ought to be your garments. Bizarre pocket lumps and sleeves that are too yearn for your own particular arms, regardless of how shapely they might be, are very regular an issue that must be annihilated rapidly.

3. Try not to Spend a Fortune

Even if the couture pieces in plain view start from a couple of hundred thousand dollars each, the outfit you have pulled together as a participant of the Fashion Week demonstrates need not cost you dearly… unless, obviously, you are a multi-tycoon in any case. You don’t have to put in the month’s rent to however another outfit either. Simply pool your cash for something that is a greater amount of a venture piece, adaptable for some events and that which is certain to make them look and feeling as astounding as anyone might imagine. You need to have the capacity to wear the pieces of clothing at the end of the day and not give them to the closest Salvation Army. Speaking of saving try BlingStation fashion jewelry online to save a pound on accessories.

4. Draw out Those Shoes

It is important not in the event that you can stroll in them by any means, let alone for drawn out stretches of time. The shoes will be snatching as much consideration as the coats and the dress, so you would be wise to be getting them out and begin honing. They will hurt, they will execute, yet the explanation behind their presence is clarified here: they were made for the Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, London or New York. Include an insole for solace or change into another pair of similarly chic originator shoes that are more agreeable to stroll in without yowling following an hour or two, however realize that these beautiful things must be allowed to sparkle brilliant against the setting of all that the style world stands for.


Style Your Shorts This Summer – Fashion Trends

What’s the one bit of dress that we can’t manage without in the late spring? Yes, you’ve gotten it right – shorts! Not just do they keep the singing summer heat under control, yet they additionally make you look cool and in vogue. They come in various examples, plans and prints, and a young lady can never have enough of them. Here’s Team Bling station with their go some midyear shorts as they drop some real style motivation!


1. Laidback and Downright Cool!

To all the girl bosses out there who like to play by their own particular principles and own the world-we know you get a kick out of the chance to dress the part as well! The most proficient method to style your shorts is to draw out that inward certainty and look drop-dead dazzling in the meantime. Pair basic dark shorts with a washed-out denim shirt and wear articulation booties and a top for adding that additional edge to your fundamental shorts and shirt combo.


2. Print Fiesta

There is no better approach to praise spring and summer than by wearing stunning prints and hues! The charming climate is the ideal reason for you to shake the print-on-print pattern by blending your most loved printed shorts with an all around facilitated top. Wear your printed shorts with booties to include some edge. Love the way it will offset your outfit and conditioning down the prints.


3. The Free Spirit

So imagine a scenario where you weren’t conceived in the ’70s. You can even now channel your internal blossom youngster by embellishing right and matching your shorts with a bohemian concealment and a really botanical top. Takes some confidence to easily nail this look and drops some real outfit motivation for the midyear. Complete this look by tossing on a bloom Charm anklet and you’re good to go!


4. Larger than average and Aztec


You can wear your midyear shorts with a larger than usual denim coat and fundamental white tee. Since the shorts are small scale, choose to toss on the curiously large coat and a free top to adjust the look. Pair it with large dangler earrings. Check Bling station earrings online store to find your perfect pair.

5. Really Pink Patterns

High waist shorts are the cutest accumulation of shorts in 2016. Wear your high-waisted designed shorts with a charming dark racer back to beat the midyear heat. Complete your look by slipping onto a couple of strappy dark pads. Ideal for a day out in the sun!


6. The Dress-Shorts Combo

On the off chance that you have a short dress, then wearing it on top of shorts will undoubtedly take your outfit to the following level. Take a prompt chance and wears your dress over some denim shorts and look the fashion innovator like you wish to be. Toss on a hip cap and long pendant necklace to channel that boho chic look.


7. Splash up the Sun


The shoreline is presumably the main spot we don’t gripe about the sun sparkling too brilliant. In case you’re made a beeline for the ocean side to have a fabulous time in the sun, then combine your most comfortable shorts with a free off-shoulder top and flip-flops. It demonstrates the generally accepted methods to understand that shoreline furnish right!


Some fashion trends never die. Women just can’t get rid of them because they are evergreen and look fashionable and trendy no matter how many decades old the trend is! These trends will be needed today and even tomorrow in the fashion world.


1. Jeans

This was first used by cowboys and miners and became extremely popular in the 1950’s. Time added a little touch of variation and gave us the skinny, slim, flare and boot cut jeans! The most popular ones are the skinny and straight line jeans because you can show off your shape and shoes unlike in bell bottom and flare jeans. Wear them with fabric handbags and you have landed yourself in the most BOHO chick 2016 style fever. Buy them at Bling Station.


2. Little Black Dress (LBD)


Personally I love little black dresses and are my all time favorite. It suits everyone and is perfect for almost every occasion. Just put on a little black dress and mute it on the ornaments and get a perfect elegant look. Pair them with Bling station’s amazing silver rings and be the talk of the evening.


3. White tee

White t-shirt is the best timeless fashion trend as you can never get tired of wearing it and feels like a not-so-fashionable person! It’s always so comfortable and no matter what the season is, a white tee or white tee with an add-on is always trendy for the season. Want to just look simple? Just throw on a white top and simple pair of jeans.


4. Prints

I don’t think printed tops or bottoms can ever go out of fashion. Animal prints like tiger or cheetah print and floral prints are just amazing and evergreen. Why just have printed tops and bottoms? Add prints in your footwear and bags and get a different look every time you pair it with something!

5. Florals

5.Floral-Print-Dresses-For-Spring-Summer-PICK ON SOME EVERGREEN TRENDS

Undoubtedly, we saw a lot of florals on the runway this season. But florals have always been there. An embodiment of spring, with its pretty flowers and earthy hues, this natural, blooming affair perseveres. When worn with beaded bracelets in hue colors they stand out every single time. Check them out at Bling Station.


6. Gingham

Again, a design that had a stint at the Spring/Summer ’15 Fashion Week, but had never really left our wardrobe. Gingham is one of those cute, geometrical designs (the other being polka) that will forever be associated with an airy and light-hearted look. The iconic blue, gingham dress that Judy Garland wore in the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz” as Dorothy, remains the nostalgic inspiration.


7. Fringe

Fringes remind us of the Wild West cowboys, the cinematically romanticized characters that symbolized freedom and adventures. This bohemian quality associated with the trend is loved by everyone, and can still be noticed in fashion, from the extravagant to regular old stuff like scarves. Because hippies may not be around, like during the 60’s, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any now.


8. Stripes


Some say Zebra, I say nautical. A striped design, especially on tops for men and women alike, is a testament to its never-go-out-of-style nature. And something about its clean cut, straight shape that evokes memories of the sea, is pleasing to the eyes.


9. Polka

An evergreen motif, polka dot was one of the strongest trends this season on the runway as well as on the red carpet influenced polka and carnations designs. And we have actually never heard anyone say that polka dots are ugly.


10. Military Green

The military green and its camouflage design may not seem like a “hot” trend but it endures. To pair it with something feminine or just to wear a trend that is different and cool, but not over-displayed by everyone.

Six Looks to Go for – FOR A CHANGE

Bling station is here again with the edgy fashion commandment. We believe in change and we know so do you. Every once in a while we want to do something edgy with our look. Don’t sweat so much anymore about it. We bring on the silver platter six new looks you can go for if you are bored of your daily appearance. They are edgy, funky and totally in fashion zone. So take a sneak peak at the new future you with Bling Station.


1. Pop up with Accessories

1.Pop up with Accessories-Dolly-Singh-Spill-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

Long skirts, funky shirt and that head band dominated it to be the number one on our list. I mean what’s not to love. It is hardly seen that such abundant bursts of color make a really good fashion choice. This pretty number ends right below your calves and the pleats add volume to your lower body. Pick something like this if you’ve got a narrow frame and would like to add the illusion of curves. Pick a fitted top to go with it (as opposed to a boxy one). You can get the custom jewellery online at Bling Station.


2. The Black of it

2.The Black of it-Tomoko-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

Got athletic legs and would like to flaunt ‘em? A shorter hemline is your best bet to opt for a change without over looking your perfect areas. While body con skirts are very hot this season, a more A-line silhouette makes your legs look slimmer (yes, really!). Women with a straight body frame can pair these skirts with fitted tops. Don’t forget that minimalist look and that fabric handbag. It really makes up the most of your appearance. Go by the instinct on this one as it is a safer play with the color Black.


3. Pleat me up

3.Pleat me up-Neha-CORD-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

A skirt that ends right at your knees is great for women who don’t want to flaunt too much thigh. Carrying post-festive cellulite on your upper legs? Make sure the skirt isn’t too fitted. This pleated, A-line skirt is just perfect to conceal those problem areas. Besides pairing a kurti size top with the official school girl skirt is the dangerous zone you were wishing for. Get the matching colors on both the clothes and try to keep accessories on the contrast too. You don’t want to be playing with fire here.


4. Flowers in Spring

4.Flowers in Spring-Shreya-Kalra-For-The-Six looks to go for a change-Love-Of-Fashion-and-Other-Things-333x500

This high-waist skirt accentuates a slim wait. The silhouette complements a curvy figure. Moreover, since it doesn’t really hug on to your body from under the waist belt, it conceals any signs of muffin tops *wink*. Besides it is obviously the first choice of woman who want to experiment staying on the safer side of the fashion book. You can buy silver jewellery along with it to match the flower pattern of the crop top.


5. Go With The Print

5.Go With The Print-Amrita-Kartikaye-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

A flowy, floor-grazing skirt is perfect for summer. You can pair it with your tee shirts and crop tops and also give it a twist by pairing it with your choli tops. What’s great about this skirt is that it complements almost every body type.


6. Best of both worlds

6.Best of both worlds-Dhwani-stylist-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

This layered net skirt ends right above your knees and makes for a great casual option. When paired with tees and plimsolls, it adds a touch of sporty chic. It can also be dressed up with heels and a fitted top.

7 Retro Trends That Are SO Fashionable Today!!

Good style is eternal and no matter how many seasons may pass; fashion has a way of always bouncing back. And no, we’re not talking about going just a few years back, we’re talking decades! From the below-the-knee hemlines of the 20s to the 80s cropped tops, good trends come and go, but they never die. Here are 6 trends our mothers wore that are back again…she might just be your new stylist!


Block heels

Block heels-7 Retro Trends That Are SO Fashionable Today

The late 90s and early 2000 saw stilettos emerge as the one shoe every girl should have. They had their moment, but now it’s the block heels and chunky heels that have made a strapping comeback from the 70s. They are comfortable and they look great with almost all kinds of trousers. We sure hope they never go out of style.

Peasant tops

Peasant tops-7 Retro Trends That Are SO Fashionable Today

Peasant tops, usually white, come with sweet tiny embroidery around the neck and have big flowy sleeves. We’ve all seen Zeenat Aman rock this one in Hare Ram Hare Krishna and loved her for it. This boho-chic top is back and how! We’re seeing it everywhere – the runway front and our favorite brands. We simply love how they hang effortlessly on our shoulders, and the comfort factor they come with is a dream!

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses-7 Retro Trends That Are SO Fashionable Today

The first wrap dress was created in the 1930s and it had its big moments through the 60s and early 70s. They have a front closure with ties that fasten around the waist and fall on one side. This year, we are seeing a lot of our favorite celebrities donning the wrap dress, which means it’s back in fashion!


Wide legged pants

Wide legged pants-7 Retro Trends That Are SO Fashionable Today

One might think wide legged pants are the newest silhouette today – they are not. While they are one of the hottest trousers one can own today, they have been around for decades. They look great when styled with a fitted blouse and wedges. The queen of vintage fashion, Brigitte Bardot, showed us how to rock this trend!

Big round sunglasses

Big round sunglasses-7 Retro Trends That Are SO Fashionable Today

A couple of years back, these sunglasses would be considered a fashion faux pas, but not today. Today, round sunglasses are the trendiest pair of shades you can own. Take your style game a notch higher by donning a fabulous pair of round shades.


Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms-7 Retro Trends That Are SO Fashionable Today

Flared pants are one of the hottest trends we have, now that the 70s have made a sweeping comeback. We are pretty sure you have seen pictures of your parents donning them like total rockstar. Go on, get your pair too.

Circle skirts

Circle skirts-7 Retro Trends That Are SO Fashionable Today

The very feminine midi-length circle skirt, which was so distinctive of the 60s, is our current favorite. Love the way they flow down gracefully from the waist and how they make you want to twirl around town. Pair them with cropped tops or a cute collared top to channel the pretty sixties look.

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