Prettiest! Tassel jewelry you will ever see

Tassel is something that is trending so much that people want to buy everything made of tassel. Like earrings, necklaces, even rings and etc. But very few tassel jewelries look good and ravishing in the first look itself! Don’t worry we have such few collection for you right here. Especially when it is summers, this is the season for such jewelry. Who does not want to look good? We all want to, right? So, in order to step out in style you need to wear and adorn these pieces of jewelries this summer! I won’t say you need to grab all the jewelry but yes, some which are amazingly beautiful. This online website called has all the jewelries in all the ranges like fashion and silver. Their collection is mind blowing and jaw dropping; one cannot resist them from buying this beautiful tassel jewelry. Tassels are in trend already and styling yourself with astounding tassel designs can be completely unique dress code! So, the most beautiful handmade tassel jewelries are mentioned below! Check these out:


Amazing designed tassel earrings, which simply look astounding with the blue thread tassels dangling down! One can stylize themselves with this adorable earring, it might suit best with your white or blue ethnic, I would say go for a blue and white color mixed kurti and pair this one with the dress and I am sure you might be flooded with compliments due to it contemporary design and alluring tassel.


If you are looking for something completely different and delightful, which can add that missing charm to your outfit? Then ladies grab this aww-dorable pink tassel necklace for yourselves and get ready to pamper yourself with the stunning piece. Pair with your denims; I guess it would look amazing with a crop and denim.


Have a look at this piece, isn’t it completely out of the box? Just like its name, this says Circle of Box Chain Pendant! This pendant is a thumb up for your casual affair or social affairs. Also, get ready to attain some compliments by wearing this designer piece and head out in style! A fragile and delicate pendant, do take care or you might broke it!


Artistic pieces of jewelry with the zebra crossing look pendant design! Beat the animal print craze with this striped pendant. One cannot miss the chain tassel dangling down the zebra cross bead, because this is completely unique and looks desirable in the first look itself!


Look at this distinct tassel design with the dreamy blue resin beads, can you miss this one? Well, you can now think of so many outfits which you can pair with this necklace. Completely different and astounding piece of art! Looks like a dream to me with the blue tassels dangling down.


This beautiful raining tassel looks amazing. The colorful stone beaded looks flattering; the design is very sophisticated and also brings out very modern look. The colorful beads bring the punch of color needed in your simple outfit and the gold brings out the shine. You do not need anything else with this piece!

One can buy these pieces only at Who target fashion savvy people and also keep the audience updated about fashion through the blogs. is a one stop solution for purchasing jewelry for every occasion! Hurry, before its late and they are out of stock!


10 Amazing Idea to wear Earrings with Short Hair!

Many people think woman with short hair does not look good and they cannot style themselves with different type of earring or hairstyle because whatever they will do will not suit them. NO! This is completely wrong, woman with short hair look classier according to me and I am sure a lot of people will agree to the same thing! In fact this plays an important role in enhancing their entire look and a perfect way to flaunt their beautiful earrings on all occasions.
Let us scroll down and check up the different kind of earrings to match up with short hair!

Silver Ear Cuffsimage002

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Four Rules To Follow In Fashion Week

Fashion Week is a wonderful time to flaunt your road style and truly catch the consideration of the media. Those style editors will expound on you, your toxic acquaintances will be distinctly watching you and you will feel like the superstar yourself. All things considered, while the runways are loaded with couture and prepared to-wear outlines, it is likewise the chaperons, who set the most recent patterns. This in itself implies that you should be additional watchful about who and what you are wearing when you venture into the lobbies facilitating the Fashion Week appears.

Four Rules To Follow In Fashion Week

Trust BlingStation when we say that; you need to go to a truly alluring gathering, wherein you will meet some fantastically stunningly dressed individuals, who waver on some inconceivable heels and display amazing fashion jewelry incredible measure of skin, have lavish tastes and greatly thin legs. Presently, consider how you will be mixing in as opposed to standing out like a weed among the blooms. It’s truly essential to figure out how to dress to go to a style week appear, before hustling to hit the roads to meet the most prevalent It young ladies and Fashion influencers posturing for the camera lenses of expert picture takers!

1. Keep it Casual

In all actuality you are not attempting to be the model yet simply there to appreciate the gathering with all whatever remains of them. You don’t have to resemble a million dollars yourself, regardless of the possibility that the pieces being showcased have such a fantastic sticker price. Odds are that you will scarcely even be gotten on camera so simply accept circumstances for what they are and attempt to be more similar to you, by and by. Wear turquoise statement necklace for the summer look picture.

2. Know a Tailor

There’s nothing more awful than seeing a lady escape a taxi and enter a Fashion show venue while appearing as though she has obtained her pieces of clothing from somebody either a size or two greater or much littler than herself. Pulled catch, additional free coats, pants that appear as though they are painted on yet ought not do as such, or even skirts with trims far too short to be a piece of the most recent style patterns; odds are you will be conferring an awful violation of social norms on the off chance that you don’t get yourself to a tailor and make every piece you are wearing fit you by and by like a glove. Your body is not nonexclusive and neither ought to be your garments. Bizarre pocket lumps and sleeves that are too yearn for your own particular arms, regardless of how shapely they might be, are very regular an issue that must be annihilated rapidly.

3. Try not to Spend a Fortune

Even if the couture pieces in plain view start from a couple of hundred thousand dollars each, the outfit you have pulled together as a participant of the Fashion Week demonstrates need not cost you dearly… unless, obviously, you are a multi-tycoon in any case. You don’t have to put in the month’s rent to however another outfit either. Simply pool your cash for something that is a greater amount of a venture piece, adaptable for some events and that which is certain to make them look and feeling as astounding as anyone might imagine. You need to have the capacity to wear the pieces of clothing at the end of the day and not give them to the closest Salvation Army. Speaking of saving try BlingStation fashion jewelry online to save a pound on accessories.

4. Draw out Those Shoes

It is important not in the event that you can stroll in them by any means, let alone for drawn out stretches of time. The shoes will be snatching as much consideration as the coats and the dress, so you would be wise to be getting them out and begin honing. They will hurt, they will execute, yet the explanation behind their presence is clarified here: they were made for the Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, London or New York. Include an insole for solace or change into another pair of similarly chic originator shoes that are more agreeable to stroll in without yowling following an hour or two, however realize that these beautiful things must be allowed to sparkle brilliant against the setting of all that the style world stands for.

Budget Presents For Your Best Friend

We realize that the affection you impart to your closest companion is interminable and you would need to spoil her each chance you get. Since through great or through awful, it’s your bestie that you rely upon! Be that as it may, some days are not as fiscally steady as others and you won’t not have the budget to for a present for your best friend. Her birthday, your companionship commemoration or only an update for the amount you cherish her – Bling station have recorded some truly cool present thoughts for when present giving is confined by your pocket!


1. Montage of all your Photos

What superior to a divider loaded with recollections with your closest companion? From the cheerful minutes to the passionate ones, print out your best recollections for her to save all her life. Outline them, so they’re sans clean and simple to convey about. For this DIY, you’ll have to examine your recollections and afterward print them out in top quality.


2. BlingStation Jewelry


Each young lady cherishes her trinkets and jewels! WE know you are little low on cash hence Bling station will offer you best kind of fashion jewelry at the minimum price. Good pearl jewelry can come at small price and large packing.


3. Make Bookmarks and Post-its!

Is your closest companion a savant? Well what superior to anything making inventive bookmarks for her? Utilize a printer to print some truly cool kid’s shows or her most loved superhero outlines on a bit of paper. Glue these on a 1×3 inch size paper and string a beautiful lace through a gap in it to make some extremely utilitarian bookmarks. Does she overlook things frequently? Make her a little book of post-its by printing out your most loved pictures on paper (cut into 1×1 inch squares). Give her a chance to record the things she needs to recollect and stick it to her work board. Best part is she’s going to have her most loved pictures with you on the post-its 🙂


4. Blessings in Jar!!

There’s in no way like truly, imaginative things in a jug! This could be packs of her most loved confections or silver rings or essentially a couple looks with reasons why you adore her! Compose little notes to your bestie on a bit of paper or sort and print out the reasons you love her on beautiful sheets of paper. Placed these in a jug and add confetti to make your little jug of adoration look appealing.


5. Energetic props for better Photographs


Pretty selfie are so last season. Add some punch to your photographs with your bestie with props that are amusing and vivid in the meantime. Print out mustaches, enormous pouty lips, and geeky glasses and cut them out. You will have a hard time believing how time goes by when you click a million photographs with these props.


Cash’s not all that matters, particularly with regards to your best lady buddy. All that you have to astonish that exceptional companion is some inventiveness and a little assistance from things lying around the house – your old globule for instance a surf around Bling station. What else? A major grin to give your blessings.

A Budget Possible Destination Wedding

Your Facebook news feed appears to be more similar to a marriage collection as everybody you know is either getting hitched or posting photos of their vacation. You can’t quit begrudging those super-astonishing pictures of destination weddings that your Facebook companions had. Each time you begin figuring the expense of a destination wedding, you solidify halfway when the entirety as of now triples your assessed spending plan.


All things considered, it’s not precisely a shoddy issue, but rather Bling station can absolutely help you cut down your expenses altogether for a destination wedding with these super cool thoughts, stay on with our jewellery blog.


1. Look at Prices

It’s generally best to look at lodging and carrier admissions for comparative areas. For example: you need your less expensive destination wedding against a customary Rajasthani background. Analyze your alternatives among areas like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and the preferences. Pick the one that fits your pocket best.


2. Area Factors

It’s best to pick convenience for visitors which are near the venue of the wedding and additionally nearby markets. Along these lines you won’t be spending a bomb on drive costs for the visitors who need to purchase coordinating bangles at last or make visits to the salon for the capacities.


3. Arrangement Two Events in a Day

Along these lines you save money on the ‘every night’ charges on just about everything – convenience, venue rental, props rental and so forth! For example: you can plan to have a day wedding and end the night with a gathering, or you can have a morning sangeet capacity with energetic hues and a night wedding.


4. Save on Shopping

3.0.4.A Budget Possible Destination Wedding

Ever since fashion jewelry took on the market, they have been over shadowing every diamond seller. Beaded bangles are practical and stylish. You can shop online at Bling station and grab on some really heavy deals on silver jewellery too. You can always call your look minimalist and get away graciously down the aisle.


PRO TIP: Get deep neck and bright colors color clothes and shine on with Statement necklaces of Bling station. You can always opt for evergreen pearl and do a whole theme of pearl top to bottom. The trick here is to think trendy for your look and feather light for your pocket.

5. Procure Local Experts

It’s best to contract neighborhood specialists like your picture taker or your cosmetics craftsman/salon. This may require additional exertion on finding the privilege folks by perusing surveys and accreditations, however they will be knowledgeable with city for the best photo shoot spots and you will spare a bomb by not spending on an all-cost paid excursion for these folks.


6. Use Card Deals

You know how you see an arrangement online and they don’t give you a chance to book in mass as there is a cutoff for each credit/platinum card? Well that is the thing that your family is for! Every relative can utilize their own particular card for various bookings under relatives’ and relatives’ names. You may wind up sparing a lot of cash!



3.0.7.A Budget Possible Destination Wedding

Remember the whole point of having the destination wedding is to have fun. Nobody will remember the flowers if they remember having stone legs from the last night dance therapy. So have fun because marriage is all about the happy start.