10 Amazing Idea to wear Earrings with Short Hair!

Many people think woman with short hair does not look good and they cannot style themselves with different type of earring or hairstyle because whatever they will do will not suit them. NO! This is completely wrong, woman with short hair look classier according to me and I am sure a lot of people will agree to the same thing! In fact this plays an important role in enhancing their entire look and a perfect way to flaunt their beautiful earrings on all occasions.
Let us scroll down and check up the different kind of earrings to match up with short hair!

Silver Ear Cuffsimage002

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Bling Alert: 5 Jewellery Pieces to Revv Up Your Daily Style

There’s not a single girl out there who doesn’t fancy accessories. While some prefer delicate, or muted pieces, other’s go for statement, edgy ones. If you’re gaga about baubles too, and you’re wondering which important ones to own and wear every day, you’re in great luck! Here’s a list of 5 jewellery pieces to revv up your daily style!

1. Pretty Anklets

Pretty Anklets-versatile-jewellery-Bling Alert 5 Jewellery Pieces to Revv Up Your Daily Style

Anklets look gorgeous if you’re wearing long skirts, shorts and traditional Indian wear. When you’re picking one up do keep in mind that the daintier the anklet, the prettier it’ll look on you! Just like this one we’ve found for you. 

 2. Dainty Body Chains

Dainty Body Chains-versatile-jewellery-Bling Alert 5 Jewellery Pieces to Revv Up Your Daily Style

Body chains are “in” nowadays and are perfect if you’re looking to make a statement. They are trendy pieces to wear, and add a delicate touch to your look – especially if you’re looking to show off your midriff. You can wear it over a bikini, under a crop top, and over a bodycon top. Trust us ladies, this makes for an edgy yet stylish look.

3. Designer Earrings

Designer Earrings-versatile-jewellery-Bling Alert 5 Jewellery Pieces to Revv Up Your Daily Style-LH_ER000812_GLD_large2

If you’re wearing a minimalistic outfit and want to make a statement with an accessory, you can just put these designer earrings on. They don’t have to be bulky – even a tiny studded earrings can spice up your ensemble! You can buy these earrings online at BLING STATION. They are designer earrings online retailers. There collection for fashion jewellry is to die for. Don’t miss out on it look up for BLING STATION NOW.

4. Cutesy Bracelets

Cutesy Bracelets-versatile-jewellery-Bling Alert 5 Jewellery Pieces to Revv Up Your Daily Style

Bracelets are the easiest way to accessorize when you’re short on time.  The best part, they work with most outfits! If you love all things fashionable, you should definitely get your hands on this one. It’s pretty and quirky!

5. Bangle It Up

Bangle It Up-versatile-jewellery-Bling Alert 5 Jewellery Pieces to Revv Up Your Daily Style

Bangles traditionally look great when you’re wearing Indian ethnic outfits like sarees, lehengas and salwar kameez. But you can also wear them in contrasting colors to your western outfit, or stick to the usual – gold and silver (those just go with absolutely everything).


Bored of those regular designs? BLING STATION’S unconventional accessories will make you look oh-so-gorgeous from head-to-toe. Match them with almost anything and everything – from crop tops to anarkalis. They are made just add to your prettiness.

What’s The Perfect Accessory For *Your* Shape?

Whether you want to slim down your look or create volume, there is a lot that you can do with Accessories! Ranging from a statement necklace to something with a lot of bling in it, there is absolutely no dearth of modern day accessories that you can experiment with. There are various options when it comes to camouflaging certain parts and there are a hundred other options to highlight different features! We are here to help you pick the right one keeping your frame in mind!

 Try Triangle Earrings if you have Chubby Cheeks

Try Triangle droplets Earrings if you have Chubby Cheeks-Online Shopping Store India

Girls with chubby cheeks or oval face tend to be concerned about how they can define their cute features without drawing too much attention to the not so sharp area. Wear earrings that fall freely below the neck. Something with an interesting geometrical shape like a triangle droplets earrings. Go for vibrant colors like cherry, pink, orange if you have a lighter skin tone. Try avoiding hoops earrings at all costs.

Featuring Ring for the French Manicure

Featuring Ring for the French Manicure-Online Shopping Store

If you are going to max out your budget line over your nails then you better make sure those tips are better given the attention they deserve. Usually your hands go unnoticed if you are not accessorizing it with bracelets or rings. Our best suggestion is to buy women fashion jewelry online which fall into this category before splurging over your nails. Try going for big funky bling rings if you have a transparent nail paint on.

Not so toned Arms

Not so toned arms-big chunky cuffs-Online Shopping Store

This one is my personal favorite because like you I have also never seen the face of gym. So forget those skinny toned arms to flaunt in summers. But sun is so harsh to wear those sleeves hence I resort to big chunky cuffs. They mostly drag all the attention to themselves. Remember not to wear any other accessory with it. So when you step people would be looking at your gorgeous cuff rather than those pizza outings.

For The Girl with A Bigger Bust or Wide Shoulders

For The Girl with A Bigger Bust or Wide Shoulders-pendant necklace Online Shopping Store

This is a problem a lot of Indian girls face, picking something that accentuates the chest without it looking too OTT. Especially when your shoulders are wide or your bust is big compared to the rest of your body. A free flowing pendant necklaces is the best bet for you. It puts the attention in all the right directions.