Four Rules To Follow In Fashion Week

Fashion Week is a wonderful time to flaunt your road style and truly catch the consideration of the media. Those style editors will expound on you, your toxic acquaintances will be distinctly watching you and you will feel like the superstar yourself. All things considered, while the runways are loaded with couture and prepared to-wear outlines, it is likewise the chaperons, who set the most recent patterns. This in itself implies that you should be additional watchful about who and what you are wearing when you venture into the lobbies facilitating the Fashion Week appears.

Four Rules To Follow In Fashion Week

Trust BlingStation when we say that; you need to go to a truly alluring gathering, wherein you will meet some fantastically stunningly dressed individuals, who waver on some inconceivable heels and display amazing fashion jewelry incredible measure of skin, have lavish tastes and greatly thin legs. Presently, consider how you will be mixing in as opposed to standing out like a weed among the blooms. It’s truly essential to figure out how to dress to go to a style week appear, before hustling to hit the roads to meet the most prevalent It young ladies and Fashion influencers posturing for the camera lenses of expert picture takers!

1. Keep it Casual

In all actuality you are not attempting to be the model yet simply there to appreciate the gathering with all whatever remains of them. You don’t have to resemble a million dollars yourself, regardless of the possibility that the pieces being showcased have such a fantastic sticker price. Odds are that you will scarcely even be gotten on camera so simply accept circumstances for what they are and attempt to be more similar to you, by and by. Wear turquoise statement necklace for the summer look picture.

2. Know a Tailor

There’s nothing more awful than seeing a lady escape a taxi and enter a Fashion show venue while appearing as though she has obtained her pieces of clothing from somebody either a size or two greater or much littler than herself. Pulled catch, additional free coats, pants that appear as though they are painted on yet ought not do as such, or even skirts with trims far too short to be a piece of the most recent style patterns; odds are you will be conferring an awful violation of social norms on the off chance that you don’t get yourself to a tailor and make every piece you are wearing fit you by and by like a glove. Your body is not nonexclusive and neither ought to be your garments. Bizarre pocket lumps and sleeves that are too yearn for your own particular arms, regardless of how shapely they might be, are very regular an issue that must be annihilated rapidly.

3. Try not to Spend a Fortune

Even if the couture pieces in plain view start from a couple of hundred thousand dollars each, the outfit you have pulled together as a participant of the Fashion Week demonstrates need not cost you dearly… unless, obviously, you are a multi-tycoon in any case. You don’t have to put in the month’s rent to however another outfit either. Simply pool your cash for something that is a greater amount of a venture piece, adaptable for some events and that which is certain to make them look and feeling as astounding as anyone might imagine. You need to have the capacity to wear the pieces of clothing at the end of the day and not give them to the closest Salvation Army. Speaking of saving try BlingStation fashion jewelry online to save a pound on accessories.

4. Draw out Those Shoes

It is important not in the event that you can stroll in them by any means, let alone for drawn out stretches of time. The shoes will be snatching as much consideration as the coats and the dress, so you would be wise to be getting them out and begin honing. They will hurt, they will execute, yet the explanation behind their presence is clarified here: they were made for the Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, London or New York. Include an insole for solace or change into another pair of similarly chic originator shoes that are more agreeable to stroll in without yowling following an hour or two, however realize that these beautiful things must be allowed to sparkle brilliant against the setting of all that the style world stands for.



Our favorite celebrities always teach us a thing or two about fashion. The new trends and the new designer labels they sport get us dreaming about what we want to invest in next! Is it going to be a sequined dress, some quirky jewellery or new, fresh colors? Either way, Bling Station takes a lot of inspiration from these divas. This time around we’ve put together a list of some accessories who are actually not outrageously priced! Even you and I can get a taste of this seemingly distant dream even quicker and without burning a hole in our pockets. Take notes, girls!

1. The Unconventional Earrings

1.The Unconventional Earrings-Eina-Ahluwalia-STYLE DIFFERENT WITH CELEBRITIES

Bling Station’s Known for the brass cutout larger than life jewellery, this design one of B-town’s favorites. Simple yet outstanding, these jewellery pieces have a message for the wearer and for the world. Can be worn with whatever suits your mood. Indian ethnic wear, yes.. Western outfits, of course! Take your pick, and we’re sure you’ll be happy for your choice for dressing up in these little loves. Buy earrings online at Bling Station.

2. The Bright Dress!

2.The Bright Dress-The-Jodi-Life-Sonam Kapoor-STYLE DIFFERENT WITH CELEBRITIES

Sonam Kapoor looks fresh as a daisy in this abstract printed cotton dress with inserted pleats. Quite reasonably priced, the designer dress gives us some funky, happy printed skirts, dresses and tops too! It’s perfect for all the summer-time heat that is ahead of us!

3. The Statement Rings

3. The Statement Rings-Parineeti-Chopra-STYLE DIFFERENT WITH CELEBRITIES

You’ll see a lot of celebs wearing jewellery in the statement department. Here Parineeti is wearing filigree knuckle rings with this stunning dress and we agree that those little baubles on her hand gives this look a very edgy vibe. Try palm cuffs and mirror earrings to name a few items from the brand. We love how delicate they are but still manage to make that statement! Buy rings online at Bling Station.

4. The Unusual Printed Skirt!

4. The Unusual Printed Skirt-Kangana Ranaut-STYLE DIFFERENT WITH CELEBRITIES

Who wouldn’t want to flaunt her love for all things sweet by wearing it?! This bright skirt presents us with some unique prints that clearly get noticed by everyone. Kangana wears this toffee printed long fitted skirt with a loose moss green shirt and some nude heels. Pair it with fun candy printed skirts, tops and dresses that are perfect for our honeyed souls!

5. The Eye-Catching Gold Earrings

5. The Eye-Catching Gold Earrings-Sonam-Kapoor-STYLE DIFFERENT WITH CELEBRITIES

Sonam Kapoor loves wearing new contemporary styles with a beautiful ethnic twist. Here, we see her wear her outfit with non-fussy gold polished solid earrings. If you are looking for sophisticated clean lines, then this should be your go-to brand. Beautifully crafted, you’ll always see surprise elements of your favorite animals and birds carefully mounted into your jewellery. Get similar earrings custom jewellery online at bling station.

6. The Traditionally Dyed Skirt

6. The Traditionally Dyed Skirt-Athiya Shetty-STYLE DIFFERENT WITH CELEBRITIES

We are all very fond of our traditional prints and fabrics, and wearing newer refreshing versions and styles in those old-fashioned folk prints are our best way of showing our love of these. Athiya Shetty looks ultra-modern in this dress. She’s famous for her layering styles, and choice of organic fabrics – this brand is a favorite amongst our celebs! If ultra-modern drama in conventional etching is your thing, you’ve got to check this out!

7. The Striking Collar Necklace

7. The Striking Collar Necklace-Aditi Rao Hydari-STYLE DIFFERENT WITH CELEBRITIES

Aditi Rao Hydari looks amazing in this bold red colored dress and all our attention is drawn toward her magnificent neckpiece. Bling Station offers you some ornate out-of-the-world kind of pieces and our favorite celebs love wearing jewellery that is distinguished. Dressy and at the same time classic pieces that will definitely amplify your look and make you stand out in the crowd! Buy bracelets online that match with the collar cuff.

5 Times MILEY CYRUS Made Us Go WOW : Style Check (Let’s Buy Us Her Accessories!!)

As gorgeous as she looks in her movie songs and stage shows, we also eagerly wait to check out Miley’s overall look off-screen too! Here is a breakdown of Miley Cryus evergreen look back from the days of her LONG HAIR AND CUTE ACCESSORIES. Read on to see some of our favorite picks.

1. The Grandest Princess…

Dressed in this exquisite one piece, Miley looks effortlessly ravishing! The beautiful embroidery in white thread makes us go WOW! The asymmetric fall in that dresss makes her look like a glorious star. We love the clean updo and those beaded bracelets she has adorned! Oh! Miley, you are too stunning!



 2. Evergreen Gorgeousness

ON cover for an album, Miley decided to wear this pretty white t-shirt and denim shorts and some delicate beaded bracelets. Her radiant face and that enticing pout along with this soft hued outfit make us wonder: how she does this to us every.single.time? How does she captivate us with every pose of hers? Miley, you stunner!

Evergreen Gorgeousness-Miley-Cyrus-Style-Check-Hack-Jewellery Online Shopping Store Buy Store-Clothing-Line-miley-cyrus-outfits


3. The Shimmering Glam Queen!

This is what she wore to in her Nicholas Sparks movie. Look at that cutesy grey t-shirt and those shiny sequined ripped jeans. She wore this in the day with some beaded bracelets and pendant necklace with those high strappy boots. We like that she’s breaking the rules and wearing so much bling even in the day! Way to go, M!

The Shimmering Glam Queen-outfits-Miley-Cyrus-Style-Check-Hack-Jewellery Online Shopping Store Buy Store


4. Fearless And Fearless!

The gradually falling intense Jumpsuit, the immaculately curled hair, the dark nail paint and those beaded bracelets on both wrists. You’ve got us stumped, my dear. The blue sleeveless and neck full of pendant necklaces gives your look so much grandeur and we cannot stop staring at the thick eyeliner. How do you manage to look so charming always?

 Fearless And Fearless-Miley-Cyrus-collection-Style-Check-Hack-Jewellery Online Shopping Store Buy Store


5. The Party Girl!

While stepping out for yet another of her cover album pictures. Miley wore this elegant cool dress with black shrug. She gives us inspiration for our next outfit, doesn’t she? That party pleasure beaded black bracelet is something we’d all love to borrow! Keep this coming, Miley; we have our eyes enviously glued on you!

The Party Girl-Miley-Cyrus-Style-Check-Hack-clothing-line-photoshoot-Jewellery Online Shopping Store Buy Store


We won’t tease you anymore with her beaded bracelets online collections. Because we have got them stocked for in BLING STATION’S beaded bracelets online store collection.