Wedding Tips – Some Things For Every Bride To Remember

Whether we are getting hitched or not, a considerable lot of us have wedding magazines stacked on our bookshelves. Be that as it may, once the arrangement is fixed, a wedding magazine turns into your printed copy web search tool. In any case, there are a couple wedding arranging tips that you won’t as a matter of course read in marriage magazines however BlingStation beyond any doubt have them secured for you.

Top Wedding Planning Tips

1. Parity It Out

It is critical that you are neither ambivalent till the latest possible time nor exceptionally inflexible about arranging points of interest. Try not to alter your opinion each other day about how you need things. Additionally, attempt and have choices prepared in the event that something is not promptly accessible. Try our new earrings online store for your party vive. Both an uncertain you or an inflexible you will make your wedding organizer bonkers.


2. Not Spending Time with The Family

You’ll be abandoning them! That’s all there is to it? Invest as much as energy you can with your folks – their child is taking off. Keep in mind your kin in light of the fact that no more WWE at the in-laws. Your lady friends since dating issues will soon be supplanted with marriage issues. Give your little sister some tips of how to buy online jewellery from Bling station.


3. Try not to become a Bridezilla and Lose Yourself

OK, lady! Take in, inhale out and rehash this same number of times as it takes to quiet your nerves. You need your wedding to be flawless however don’t go all Bridezilla on everybody and lose yourself in the process in light of the fact that rationally depleting yourself is simply pointless. Keep in mind, the trip should be as much fun as the destination. Have a great time in the process and, trust us, everything is the end is going to approve.


4. There Is No Such Thing as an ‘Impeccable Bride Body’

6 months before your wedding you began your eating regimen to accomplish ‘the ideal body‘ for your enormous day. You were eating right, working out and when all is said in done taking great consideration of yourself. In any case, this is something that ought to be a piece of your life for general health and not just on the grounds that you’re getting hitched and you need to fit the societal standards of having the body of a lady who’s getting hitched. There is no such thing as a flawless body; impeccable is what is ideal for you. So yes, cut on the wine and cheddar gorges in the event that you need to however there is no compelling reason to starve yourself to accomplish something that doesn’t exist. Still if you want to fell plush then try our pink plush pendant online at Bling station.


5. Make A Google Drive Folder or WhatsApp Group for Everyone To Share Wedding Photos

We live amongst individuals equipped with cell phones and selfie sticks. It’s a world where quietly holding up to get clicked by the picture taker is simply not one of our ethics. This is most obvious at a wedding. In each corner, in each restroom and at each table, somebody is clicking a photograph of the wedding. While a large number of these end up on Instagram with that wedding hash tag each visitor is made mindful of, most pictures don’t wind up on online networking. Great or awful, these snaps are recollections and since you as the couple haven’t seen them, alongside the wedding hash tag that you request that your visitors use, you can likewise give them the connection of a gathering you made on WhatsApp or normal Drop box or Google Drive organizer. One all the more thing ticked off your co-appointment list. #Hassel Free!


A Budget Possible Destination Wedding

Your Facebook news feed appears to be more similar to a marriage collection as everybody you know is either getting hitched or posting photos of their vacation. You can’t quit begrudging those super-astonishing pictures of destination weddings that your Facebook companions had. Each time you begin figuring the expense of a destination wedding, you solidify halfway when the entirety as of now triples your assessed spending plan.


All things considered, it’s not precisely a shoddy issue, but rather Bling station can absolutely help you cut down your expenses altogether for a destination wedding with these super cool thoughts, stay on with our jewellery blog.


1. Look at Prices

It’s generally best to look at lodging and carrier admissions for comparative areas. For example: you need your less expensive destination wedding against a customary Rajasthani background. Analyze your alternatives among areas like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and the preferences. Pick the one that fits your pocket best.


2. Area Factors

It’s best to pick convenience for visitors which are near the venue of the wedding and additionally nearby markets. Along these lines you won’t be spending a bomb on drive costs for the visitors who need to purchase coordinating bangles at last or make visits to the salon for the capacities.


3. Arrangement Two Events in a Day

Along these lines you save money on the ‘every night’ charges on just about everything – convenience, venue rental, props rental and so forth! For example: you can plan to have a day wedding and end the night with a gathering, or you can have a morning sangeet capacity with energetic hues and a night wedding.


4. Save on Shopping

3.0.4.A Budget Possible Destination Wedding

Ever since fashion jewelry took on the market, they have been over shadowing every diamond seller. Beaded bangles are practical and stylish. You can shop online at Bling station and grab on some really heavy deals on silver jewellery too. You can always call your look minimalist and get away graciously down the aisle.


PRO TIP: Get deep neck and bright colors color clothes and shine on with Statement necklaces of Bling station. You can always opt for evergreen pearl and do a whole theme of pearl top to bottom. The trick here is to think trendy for your look and feather light for your pocket.

5. Procure Local Experts

It’s best to contract neighborhood specialists like your picture taker or your cosmetics craftsman/salon. This may require additional exertion on finding the privilege folks by perusing surveys and accreditations, however they will be knowledgeable with city for the best photo shoot spots and you will spare a bomb by not spending on an all-cost paid excursion for these folks.


6. Use Card Deals

You know how you see an arrangement online and they don’t give you a chance to book in mass as there is a cutoff for each credit/platinum card? Well that is the thing that your family is for! Every relative can utilize their own particular card for various bookings under relatives’ and relatives’ names. You may wind up sparing a lot of cash!



3.0.7.A Budget Possible Destination Wedding

Remember the whole point of having the destination wedding is to have fun. Nobody will remember the flowers if they remember having stone legs from the last night dance therapy. So have fun because marriage is all about the happy start.

A Little Different Wedding Decoration

Does the thought about a wedding venue less the marigolds, orchids and daisies peculiar you out?! Indeed, Bling station excessively thought that it was abnormal at to begin with, yet a brisk look through some great wedding architects’ Instagram let us in on all that is new, new and energizing on the shaadi stylistic layout scene. So jettison the florals and experiment with these great thoughts for wedding stylistic layout without utilizing blooms for one of your capacities!


1. Gota love

The innovative group at Rani Pink Love consolidated pink window hangings with tons and huge amounts of gota and the outcome is simply awesome. A crystal fixture made of gota strings and a scenery of little gota blooms is entirely, lovely! Day or night, it’ll work astoundingly well for all your capacities.


2. Flame up!

Illuminate your whole venue with dividers of candles. From various shapes and sizes to different hues, candles have a method for in a split second improving your whole venue. For a mixed drink night or the engagement function, this is simply great!


3. Paper Create the distance

Who said you can’t have paper blossoms?! Paper specialty is to a great degree in vogue at this moment and beyond any doubt makes the territory look ‘goodness’. From pinwheels, to paper fans and expound life-size paper blossoms, there is no limit to all that you can attempt. A mehendi set up like this will be so wonderful!


4. Mosaic Jaalis

Add a customary appeal to your function with perplexing jaalis. From hues to examples to the craftsmanship, there is such a great amount to look over. Set them up for a wedding and the set up beyond any doubt looks perfect – even without blossoms!


5. Ghungroo deco!

4.1.Ghungroo deco-decor-wedding decoration

It’s astounding how these ghungroo have assumed control over the shaadi scene. From giveaways to stylistic layout, they are everywhere. Beautify your mehendi stylistic theme with these bangle mobiles. You could even hang them with gota strings. Buy ghoongroo earrings at Bling station.


6. Lights and Casings

We thoroughly adore a pink and orange wedding stylistic theme with creative components, for example, edges and Chinese lights. The lovely window hangings add an additional appeal to this stunning day wedding.


7. Signposts are the Coolest!

Add a natural appeal to your venue with wooden signposts! They’re the “it” new thing that wedding decorators are thoroughly running full scale with this season. To glitz up the space, basically utilize series of knobs or pixie lights.


8. Bangles Strung Together

Who said bangles are just for your wrists? String together your beautiful bangles and use them as a background for your mehendi stage or line them along the passage! Buy beaded bangles online at Bling station. They are available in lot of different colors.


9. Potlis

4.1.Potlis-deco-decor-wedding decoration

Practically Event Decor tried different things with potlis by hanging them on trees and seat backs. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t ‘basically’ excellent? You can even later give them away to your guests filled with flowers and sweets. Buy potli bags online at Bling station.

10. Paper Boats

We’ve all seen blossom shades however have you ever seen carefully assembled paper pontoons hung together? It is just adorable. Write few notes on the boats before hanging them or just hang them in the shape of a letter.


To buy silver jewelry online for the wedding parties surf on to Bling station.

Bridal Hairstyles for the Summer Wedding

Summer weddings mean pool parties, simple outfits, invigorating mixed drinks and festivities that keep going throughout the night! What’s more, summer weddings likewise call for hairdos that will keep you looking new and astounding throughout the day. Here are some real hair-aspiration for the forthcoming summer weddings by Bling station!


1. The Chaotic Twist

It is the time of your life when you get hitched and each of your wedding looks should be totally shocking. For your mehendi, we suggest a styled hair in an untidy plait. Its super polished as well as keeps the warmth under control. You will essentially adore how your husband to be can’t keep his eyes off you in your new avatar.


2. The Twisty Bun

The Twisty Bun-Bridal Hairstyles for the Summer Hair Wedding

How adorable and safe it is to say that this twisty bun is just infectiously admiring?! When wore down with a luminous light shade outfit in morning wedding they look exemplary. You can use matching flowers in the bun and give it a fresh look. We also suggest wearing Dangler Balis as they will give you a hue of long neck. Buy earrings Bali at Bling station.   Completely flawless when you need to tie it up without making it looks exhausting. Its fun, it’s tense and it’s ideal to beat the late spring heat.


3. A Free Plait

To begin with things you will absolutely be dribbling over each one of the flower you will put into those plaits. It’s fair so lovely! For your mehendi function, you can run a basic free plait. In any case, those beautiful blooms truly will make you emerge! Wanting to imitate only the same for your mehendi, right?!


4. Give it a chance to stream!

The wavy hair and your infectious grin will make all gazes for quite a while! What’s more, not to forget the trendy dynamite flower crown that is all levels of exquisiteness. For a function at night, you can consider leaving the hair open however it’s best to jettison broad styling and let it stream normally. We suggest you wear cuffs as wavy hair makes the look totally royal. buy earrings online OR cuffs online at Bling station.


5. The Low Bun

A simple low bun with a few lose strands never cease to miss the mark of awesomeness. Everyone will cherish how you kept the hair completely moderate and embellished it with only a lovely gajra roll. You can also pick your spouse’s favorite flower and mix some romance into fashion. After all it is your wedding. You can buy flower droplet earrings or bracelets. My best guess is to go with silver jewellery as it is scorching heat. Buy silver accessories online at Bling station.


6. The Side Cleared Look

The Side Cleared Look -Bridal Hairstyles for the Summer Hair Wedding.jpg

The side cleared look is absolutely high glitz and the uplifting news and it is also back in style! The lady’s long tresses should be stuck carefully and cleared to the other side. The hair should superbly supplement the rich divine outfit and in case despite everything you’re thoroughly considering a haircut for the mixed drink, then this is it! It is class separated and is certain to bring you huge amounts of compliments. Did we mention it leaves a whole nape area exposed giving your whole allure a sexy vibe.

8 MUST HAVES BRIDAL CLICKS – Wedding Photography

Attention brides-to-be! We’ve got wedding photos advice that you just can’t ignore! Your shaadi maybe a 3-day-long affair but at the end of it, it’s the pictures that you will treasure all your life. And when it comes to wedding pictures there are two rules we swear by. First, hire a great photographer and second, get these 8 must have bridal photos before you walk down the aisle.


Your Bridal Lehenga

bridal-shots-Your bridal lehenga-MUST HAVES BRIDAL (1)

Before you actually slip into it, do get a shot of that gorgeous shaadi ka joda. It captures the lehenga details while also adding an edge to your wedding album.

Getting Ready

bridal-shots-Getting ready-MUST HAVES BRIDAL (3)

Don’t these make for the prettiest pictures ever! I personally love the bride’s makeup room shots. It’s that one moment when a girl is going through so many emotions and her transformation to becoming a bridemust be captured.

The Gorgeous Jewellery

bridal-shots-The gorgeous jewellery-MUST HAVES BRIDAL (4)

A shot that captures your gorgeous bridal jewellery. In my case, it was the maangtika. It was gifted to me by my grandmother and I really wanted a good shot of it. Besides it also shows off the eye makeup brilliantly!

The Hair Details

bridal-shots-The hair details-MUST HAVES BRIDAL

A shot from the back captures your wedding day hairstyle, the pretty flowers you’ve adorned your hair with and the stunning blouse latkans. Before you take the dupatta over your head, do get this shot.

The bridal Mehendi

bridal-shots-The bridal Mehendi-MUST HAVES BRIDAL (6)

A shot where your mehendi is in focus. You may have a lot of those from the actual mehendi ceremony but do get one on the wedding day too. Putting on your payals and getting ready to take the walk is perfect.

Sitting in Style

bridal-shots-Sitting in Style-MUST HAVES BRIDAL (7)

We absolutely love this one! Sit down on the floor with your gorgeous kalidar lehenga spread out around you. It’s totally filmy and an extremely beautiful top shot you need to get!

The Lehenga Twirl

bridal-shots-The lehenga Twirl-MUST HAVES BRIDAL (8)

Brides-to-be, take note and get this one picture for sure. Twirling in all your bridal glory! It’s fun, it’s pretty, it’s the one picture that’ll be your cover photo for the longest time ever!

Walking away

bridal-shots-Walking away-MUST HAVES BRIDAL (2)

Before you take the walk under the phoolon ki chaadar, do get a back shot as you strike a pose walking away! Because this is one shot we girls absolutely love to take!


Since you will be shopping a lot more than just diamonds… we suggest you check out Bling Station for your fashion chunk for the new phase of your life.