Tips to dress in a Maxi skirt for Every Size Woman

With the entire boho vibe pulling on, maxi outfits are so in pattern at this moment. That is one motivation to try maxi skirts out. The other, more honed reason is that they are agreeable, flowy, simple to wear, and work with truly anyone write – everything you need to do is simply style it right. So here are some fab tips from Bling station on the most proficient method to style your maxi skirt for each body sort!


1. Petite young ladies, go monochrome!

4.1. Tips to dress in a Maxi skirt for every size woman

Try not to be terrified of attempting a maxi skirt since you’re short! In any case, in case you’re a short or petite young lady, going monochrome is an extraordinary thought when wearing a maxi skirt. The lesser hues you have in your dress, the lesser diversions will be there in your look, which can generally get to be disordered. Silver bracelets and Monochrome palettes then again will really make you seem taller!


2. Breathtaking angels, flaunt your body

In case you’re a curvy young lady, it’s a smart thought to style your maxi skirt with an off-the-shoulder top. You’ll be confirming two patterns in one look as well! An off-the-shoulder top will make an incredible showing with regards to of flaunting your bends, and at adjusting the scope furnished by your skirt with some tasteful skin appear. Wear a pendant necklace with your top to add an oomph factor. So what’re you sitting tight for? Wear the maxi skirt and shake your awe-inspiring body!


3. On the off chance that you have an expansive waist, a tucked-in shirt

For more extensive waisted young ladies who imagine that wearing a maxi skirt will just overstate their waist, an all around fitted shirt is an extraordinary arrangement. A shirt offers an outline which won’t really conceal your waistline (there’s not something to be humiliated about having a more extensive waist, young ladies!), however will rather form your middle to characterize it better against your maxi skirt. Tuck your shirt in and you additionally have a very much characterized waistline.


4. Wear a product top when you’re base overwhelming

There are numerous young ladies with overwhelming bottoms among us… It’s truly a typical body sort in the Indian subcontinent, yet not a lot of western garments are planned remembering this body sort. So styling it right turns into a truly imperative thing to do when wearing western garments. A maxi skirt extents your last, a product top shows off your waist. Worn together, they will make a truly complimenting outline for your body.


5. In the event that you have a full tummy, go high-waisted!

There’s no disgrace in having a full tummy – bodies come in all shapes and sizes and every one ought to be commended. While styling a maxi skirt for such body sort, you can pick a high waistline. This will look pleasant in light of the fact that the free maxi skirt fabric will stream over the front of your body, making some very much characterized lines which will offset your tummy bends.


6. Thick belts are your companions in case you’re tall!

4.2. Tips to dress in a Maxi skirt for every size woman

In case you’re a tall young lady hoping to style a maxi skirt, do think about including as a stout belt into your look. A frill like looks in vogue, as well as equalizations out your tallness by drawing concentrate on your body along the side, in this way making you look not very lean in a maxi. Buy belts online at Bling station.


7. In the event that your legs are shorter, go for looong

Individuals are constantly anxious that a completely secured article of clothing like a maxi skirt will really make them look considerably shorter. This is truly a myth – really everything relies on upon your styling. Also, in case you’re not somebody with miles of legs, but rather still need to give that hallucination, you really ought to consider a maxi skirt which goes long-long-long, clearing the floor, notwithstanding covering your feet! On the other hand, wear shoes which are the same shading as your skirt. This is on the grounds that the length of skirt and the imperceptibility of your feet in this sort of styling will really add to the dream of long legs.


7 Styling Shorts tips for Girls with Big Thighs

First things 1st – beauty come all told shapes and sizes. A number of America are lean, some short, some tall…the list goes on. If you have got a heavier bottom and larger thighs than most, then chances are high that that you just might need had some reservations regarding sporting shorts – on the opposite hand, if you’re somebody UN agency still rocks shorts, then you go, girl! For the hesitant others, here’s slightly facilitate from Bling station on however you’ll paint the city red in an exceedingly try of shorts and work those thighs.

1. Search for facet slits

The smallest of things makes all the distinction. There is variety of various forms of shorts on the market within the market… search for those that have little slit on the edges just like the ones in boxer shorts. They create your thighs seem slimmer as they don’t hug them tight.

2. Say affirmative to pleats

Pleated shorts permit the material to reduce your thighs disappear in an exceedingly New York minute. Not solely do they appear super cute, however the flowy silhouette conjointly makes them snug and wearable, in spite of wherever you’re. Wear a pleasant cotton shirt and work those shorts with confidence! Buy anklets from bling station to flaunt that silhouette look in perfection.

3. Throw on a 3rd piecesummer short

Easy and classy thanks to vogue shorts are by sporting a skinny robe or a lightweight logline cardigan with them. Wear one thing with fringes and nets as a 3rd piece. They are doing a reasonably sensible job of skimming attention far from the thighs and creating you appears as if a trendsetter. mmake the best accessory with this look.

4. Wear minimalist shoes

Shoes create all the distinction once it involves giving that of entirety to your ensemble. If you have got heavier thighs and legs, then stand back from large shoes. They create your legs seem shorter and broader. Forever elect open shoes with skinny straps or ballet flats. They produce associate degree illusion of longer legs.

5. Short shorts, and tight too? An enormous no!

While styling shorts for broader thighs, a general rule of thumb is to not wear shorts that are too tight. What you wish to try to is keep them loose, so bulges and creases don’t seem to be highlighted. Besides, they’ll even be pretty uncomfortable. Buy fashion jewellery online to work up your look in shorts if you want to look chick without those body hugging fabrics.

6. Do the semi-tuck

Tucking in your high will produce a reasonably neat outfit, however a number of America like an additional laidback casual look. And if you’re a lady with Beyonce thighs, then you’ll be happy to understand that you just will rock the semi-tucked high look with ease. Try a long high together with your shorts and put away solely a small portion of it, within the front or on the face.

7. Wear it with long sleevessummer short

If you’re disquieted that sporting shorts may swank an excessive amount of skin, then associate degree easy-peasy thanks to balance it’s by sporting an informal full-sleeved high. Long-sleeved crack produce a slimmer and an additional laidback look that may proportion your shorts against your body and conjointly not create your thighs look broader than they are!


Pendant is an accessory which suspended from bracelet and earrings. Pendants are derived from the primitive practice of wearing talismans around the neck hanging in a necklace. The practice dates from the Stone Age, when pendants consisted of such objects as teeth, stones, and shells.

Modern age accepted the practice with open necks and remixed it with fashion. Many movies started signature pendants which became a craze in the young generation.

The famous wanted by all pendants :-

1. Batman Pearls

Yes, batman is not only famous for its larger than life gadgets but also for the pearl pendant necklace of Bruce Wayne’s mother. Young girls and women went crazy all over the world with that design. So a website called BLING STATION came forward for Indian dreams. Similar designer pendants online in India are available on its website.

Batman Pearl Pendant - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide

2. Sarah Parker Trendy Pendant

Famous Hollywood actress Sarah Parker famous for her role Carrie Bradshaw in The sex and the city started the classic name pendant trend. It became so famous that it was later seen in many movies and became a heartthrob in youngsters.

Sarah Parker Trendy Pendant : Batman Pearl Pendant - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide

3. Half and Half Hearts

No introductions needed here. They are like the KHANS in the Pendant world. Adored by all the romantic couples and is best for gift purposes. Nobody remembers which movie started this trend but it came to stay forever in the hearts, literally.

Half and Half Hearts Pendant : Batman Pearl Pendant Necklace - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide

4. Mystical Signs

These are the highest selling pendants as they are self reflecting virtues and beliefs of the wearer. Like a wolf pendant reflects the personality traits of the person like the one worn in Twilight movie by Taylor Lautner, while zodiac ones are for the fate believers. Religious and traditional ones are even worn by infants and young children. Pendants are for everyone and all you need to do is find yourself the perfect one. You can try BLING STATION for latest pendants online shopping and complete your search.


Mystical Signs Pendant Necklace : Batman Pearl Pendant - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide



Disney movie Frozen which came in 2013 brought more than addicting songs and unforgettable characters. Its frozen snowflake pendant became the wish list of all the girls and like the movie it became the largest hit of the year. So don’t let it go and grab one for you now because winter is coming.

Frozen Flake Pendant Necklace : Batman Pearl Pendant - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide

Browse onto BLING STATION if you have troubles finding any of your trendy desired pendant, it has got the coolest ones. So don’t break your neck over that stress, shop online and grace it with some pendants.

Difference Between Silver and Artificial Jewellery

Ethically, it may require for the maker to mark the metal and the metal quality. For Sterling Silver, the mark shall be either the digits 925 (ie. 92.5% silver, that is Sterling) or a “Sterling stamp engraved in words. The piece should have the mark, near the clasp, if anything, then it will be somewhere at the end of the chain. There are times, when the mark is on a tad bit flat looking ring that’s there at the end of the chain, so one must check around.

Difference Between Silver and Artificial Jewellery

The real, which is the Sterling Silver, would tarnish over time and on certain people it tarnishes even more quickly because of the body chemistry, some people sweat more, some people sweat less, thus, on them the Silver may never tarnish. To prevent the Silver from tarnishing, Sterling is often plated with this metal, to protect the Sterling and keep the tarnish at bay. Now, if We talk about how different is artificial jewelry from Silver Jewelry, we can easily talk about the very obvious thing, that Artificial jewelry does get damaged due to water, moisture, or basically any external element, that does not happen in the case of Rhodium plated Sterling Silver as it is processed with a preventive layer. Moreover, I bought this Silver Pendants for Girls, from this amazing site that said Buy Online Jewelry and thus, I preferred buying Silver Jewelry than going for some Artificial Jewelry Online, although they had good collection of both.