Pendant is an accessory which suspended from bracelet and earrings. Pendants are derived from the primitive practice of wearing talismans around the neck hanging in a necklace. The practice dates from the Stone Age, when pendants consisted of such objects as teeth, stones, and shells.

Modern age accepted the practice with open necks and remixed it with fashion. Many movies started signature pendants which became a craze in the young generation.

The famous wanted by all pendants :-

1. Batman Pearls

Yes, batman is not only famous for its larger than life gadgets but also for the pearl pendant necklace of Bruce Wayne’s mother. Young girls and women went crazy all over the world with that design. So a website called BLING STATION came forward for Indian dreams. Similar designer pendants online in India are available on its website.

Batman Pearl Pendant - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide

2. Sarah Parker Trendy Pendant

Famous Hollywood actress Sarah Parker famous for her role Carrie Bradshaw in The sex and the city started the classic name pendant trend. It became so famous that it was later seen in many movies and became a heartthrob in youngsters.

Sarah Parker Trendy Pendant : Batman Pearl Pendant - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide

3. Half and Half Hearts

No introductions needed here. They are like the KHANS in the Pendant world. Adored by all the romantic couples and is best for gift purposes. Nobody remembers which movie started this trend but it came to stay forever in the hearts, literally.

Half and Half Hearts Pendant : Batman Pearl Pendant Necklace - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide

4. Mystical Signs

These are the highest selling pendants as they are self reflecting virtues and beliefs of the wearer. Like a wolf pendant reflects the personality traits of the person like the one worn in Twilight movie by Taylor Lautner, while zodiac ones are for the fate believers. Religious and traditional ones are even worn by infants and young children. Pendants are for everyone and all you need to do is find yourself the perfect one. You can try BLING STATION for latest pendants online shopping and complete your search.


Mystical Signs Pendant Necklace : Batman Pearl Pendant - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide



Disney movie Frozen which came in 2013 brought more than addicting songs and unforgettable characters. Its frozen snowflake pendant became the wish list of all the girls and like the movie it became the largest hit of the year. So don’t let it go and grab one for you now because winter is coming.

Frozen Flake Pendant Necklace : Batman Pearl Pendant - FAMOUS PENDANT STYLES - Jewellery Guide

Browse onto BLING STATION if you have troubles finding any of your trendy desired pendant, it has got the coolest ones. So don’t break your neck over that stress, shop online and grace it with some pendants.


Beaded Pendants – The Latest in Fashion Jewelry

Beaded pendants are perfect to add a pop of color and edge to your look. You can shop on beaded pendants online store or you can even make your pendants at home. Beaded pendants can be made using the vast variety of beads. The most popular type of bead used is Turquoise beads. Turquoise beads scream summer. But one can incorporate that in the fall as well. They work out with casual jeans and tee outfits and can be worn with gowns and formal attires. Turquoise beads apart from making you look worldly, traveled, educated and wise, has some benefits of their own. It is one of the ancient stones and gives out that vibe. It has spiritual healing properties and healing physical ailments of people.

Beaded Pendants - The Latest in Fashion Jewelry

Another popular type of beads used is glass beads. People use glass beads because of its visual appeal and cost effective nature. When glass beads reflect light, it shines and the beads make the piece of jewelry look rich. Another type of beads that are used is plastic beads. Most of the jewelry pieces for children are made of plastic beads since they tend to be careless with their jewelry. Plastic beads are cheaper than all the beads and this is the reason why for more formal events, plastic beaded jewelry pieces are avoided. Plastic beads can be used as spacers with other high quality beads.

BlingStation.com offers a great deal on beaded pendants online. You can choose from the wide range of beaded pendants and shop at amazing discounts. Beaded pendants can add variety to your collection. Since they do not cost much, they can be purchased in bulk. Long, lariat rope beaded pendants can add the sizzling glam factor to your outfit and make the dressy outfits even dressier.

A long pendant necklace made with a big bead can augment and accent any formal attire. You can also wear a pendant necklace that has a combination of both bigger and smaller beads, glass beads used with acrylic beads. Take your pick from the vast variety of beaded pendants on BlingStation. Designer beaded pendants made with faceted glass beads, acrylic beads and seed beads. A well chosen pendant can add that needed element to your outfit. These pendants are so upbeat that they can really brighten the whole ensemble. If you do not have beaded pendants in your collection yet then what are you waiting for?