Beauty Guide – Tricks to learn TO GO ALL *BLUSH BLUSH*

Love that post workout flush? Don’t know how to get it very right? We have your back! Take after these traps for that ravishing ruddy sparkle and you’ll be well on your approach to appearing as though you’ve quite recently had a pink bath. Stay on with BlingStation for the tricks for this treat.


1. Present to On the Moisturizer

Your initial step ought to dependably be to spoil your face with a wanton lotion to suit your skin sort. Spot off any abundance with a tissue. Dry, flaky skin doesn’t retain cosmetics exceptionally well.

2. Settle on a Liquid Foundation

Like the lotion, a fluid establishment will make a dewy surface for your become flushed to coast on like a fantasy! The establishment will guarantee that the flushed holds fast to your skin better and stays put for more. In case you’re not an establishment client, a lightweight BB cream works as well, and in case you’re honored with great skin, then you can skip it by and large.

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3. Expert the Art of Layering


Who said you can utilize stand out become flushed? Layering a cream or gel become flushed underneath a powder redden is the most straightforward approach to give you a modified shade that best suits your skin tone. Layering recipes won’t just upgrade the resilience of the red additionally ensure that perfect flush stays put throughout the day! Speaking of layering try our latest layering beaded necklace. They are ought to out shine your pink glow.

4. Get Your Angles Right

At the point when applying reddens, you unquestionably need to hit the right spots. Redden can make you look more established as effectively as it can give you that energetic sparkle – if not connected well. Apply it sparingly and to the right territories. Consider your face shape and see how to function with it. The snappiest approach to apply become flushed is to make a C-shape starting from your sanctuaries and down to your cheekbones. This hack works best for round and square face shapes.


Oval Face – You can wear become flushed in any way. The most ideal way would be along the apples of your cheeks and clearing upwards towards your sanctuaries.


Round Face – Suck in your cheeks and breadth on reddens slantingly from somewhat over the edges of your lips towards your ears. This will make a round face look more rakish.


Square Face – Smile and apply your redden on the apples of your cheeks to mellow the points of your face.


Heart Shaped Face – Apply your redden just underneath the apples of your cheek and scope somewhat upwards to adjust a more extensive brow and smaller jaw line. Dangler earrings look great with heart shaped face.


5. Locate the Right Shade


Young ladies with reasonable and medium skin tones ought to decide on warm pinks, corals and peach reddens. Profound fuchsia, warm tans and tangerine orange shades look best on darker skin tones.

P.S.: We exceptionally suggest the wide Blush for perfection. It is one of those shades that compliments most skin tones and has quite recently the right indication of sparkle. Also, with such a brazen name, who wouldn’t have any desire to demonstrate that off!

6. Utilize the Right Tools

Put resources into a decent quality brush to expert your become flushed application. A delicate calculated brush works best for cream and powder reddens while a little stippling brush will give you that enhanced with Photoshop impact.


4 Bollywood Celebs Rocking Stylish Necklaces

These Bollywood stars, offspring of trends, fashionistas and social media enthusiasts have given us a peek into their casual DENIM looks. They have become famous and come onscreen! Since Bollywood runs in their blood, but wait for their casual look to sizzle us with their beautiful presence at various rendezvous. Here are some of the amazing pictures of them looking as stylish as stars and moons on earth.

1.Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor-4 Bollywood Celebs Rocking Stylish Necklaces

Bebo knows how to strike a pose and look adorable at the same time! We definitely follow her yoga rules for that fab figure it is time to accept that denim look too. All black and blue bebo showed how to put colorful beaded necklace to use. She sure knows how to give a glamorous college pull off.

kareena-kapoor-4 Bollywood Celebs Rocking Stylish Necklaces

If you want to go all ethnic then you need to follow this Indian Guru. Famous for her saree collection Kareena also showed us how to turn a boring simple kurti to a beaded beauty charm by adding a Tibetan ethnic necklace. Both of her necklaces online available at Bling Station. It is a fashion hub of accessories and you will find these knock offs in its necklaces online store.

2.Deepika Padukone

4 Bollywood Celebs Rocking Stylish Necklaces-denim-Deepika Padukone

The elder daughter of Prakash Pdukone, Deepika is surely one good-looking young woman! We love her cool laidback attitude and that outfit! Uff! The chiseled look and that big smile leave us wanting to see more of her. She even manages to carry of a black shoulder less top so effortlessly, we are going sigh! The best of all is that gothic look with all those pendants.

3.Pareeniti Chopra

4 Bollywood Celebs Rocking Stylish Necklaces-Parineeti-Chopra-hot-legs-in-blue-shorts-sitting-legs-cross

Pareeniti has some serious fashion sense! Her outfits are all about her chic stylish avatars. We love how sweet she looks while still managing to look stylish! She carries off a simple blue jacket with a white short one piece with a golden necklace complementing the whole look… Another style diva in the making? Yes, we think so!

4.Priyanka Chopra

4 Bollywood Celebs Rocking Stylish Necklaces-priyanka-chopra-barfi-promotions-london

These Chopra sisters are so so adorably cute, aren’t they? Making us smile with her LIKE A BOSS pose, Priyanka is for sure one swoon-worthy actress of her day…and as the tabloids say, she is already set to make a debut as a character in American sitcom Baywatch after her success over Quantico. This chick is going to make some real competition flick with her style and persona.

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9 “Hatke” Fashion Commandments To Steal From Our FAV Stars!

We look up to our favorite celebs for inspiration. Sometimes for their fashion style and sometimes for their fireball attitude! We love them a bit too much…so how can we not learn from them? Here are a few such fashion commandments from these awesome celebs which encourage us to take that plunge into discovering the style of pulling off BEADED NECKLACES ONLINE! 

Bling in Western clothes is a good idea!


Shine and sparkles are embossed into most of our ethnic wear and there is absolutely no concept of OTT. But when it comes to Western outfits, we are all a bit reserved about experimenting! Besides accessories and jewellery, Miley Cyrus shows us how to rock this Glitter beaded necklace online with sequined t-shirt and look like an absolute rockstar.

There is some magic in minimalist styles

 Demi Lavato-There is some magic in minimalist styles-Necklaces Online Shopping Store India


Demi Lavato in her new chic hairstyle looks glamourous each and every time she walks on that red carpet! Here, she’s wearing Golden beaded necklace with fine details. She went complete minimalist on everything else. Wearing the necklace in choker form really brought the freshness in her complete gothic go girl look.

Mixing and matching Formal and Casual look is that easy!

 Selena-Gomez-Mixing and matching Formal and Casual look is that easy-Medium-Hairstyles-Necklaces Online Shopping Store India

Why reserve the formal shirts only for all the boring office presentations… Instead, wear it with a beaded necklace and a vibrant eye liner just like Selena Gomez! So easy and so comfortable. Those exaggerated flutters of hair on the side of her forehead matched to perfection with a cool blue denim jeans seem like such a piece of cake to carry off! Selena surely knows how to work the formal mix casual charm!

All white days are pretty cool!

 Taylor Swift-All white days are pretty cool-Necklaces Online Shopping Store India

White in the night, from top to bottom, along with that androgyny tinge. You can also rock this look. She wears this beaded necklace as a head accessory with so much elan, we love that about her! She carries off this clean look effortlessly and she does that with the minimal make up and a killing eye liner. We love Taylor Swift’s fashion style a bit too much, and we definitely could take some serious lessons from her in this sphere!

Your Curves are yours to flaunt

Adele-Dress-Grammys-Your Curves are yours to flaunt-Necklaces Online Shopping Store India

Who says that curves are passe? Adele looks ravishing in this sparkling red carpet black gown! You can match her bob cut and this dress perfectly with the silver beaded necklace.

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