Short Height Fashion Woes – Fashion Guide

Being short can be truly wonderful, you know. You never need to stress over cramped leg space and you can without much of a stretch brush your way through a swarmed room. What’s more, everybody knows every single good thing come in little bundles! However, a lot of something to be thankful for can be precarious infrequently – particularly with regards to short young ladies and design. Here are 10 short height fashion woes with fashion guide and design battles all the short girls in the house know not genuine!

Short Height Fashion Woes

1. Pants dependably seek an additional cost

Since, adjustments! Yup, you can never truly purchase some jeans and wear them without going to your tailor first. You’re almost certain more than half of your tailor earnings come straightforwardly from your pocket! That is to say, who are they making these goliath sizes for?!Struggles every single short young lady will get


2. Furthermore, Maxi Dresses!

Let’s be realistic – maxi fittings in the trial room make you look like Morticia Addams. Also, nope, that length simply doesn’t work, all things considered! But you still rock it with Bling station designer cuffs.


3. Midi skirts? Try not to try and discuss it

Why? Since midi skirts are the maxis for you! Not the pleasant flowy maxis however, as you may have guessed! They’re the ones that end at that unbalanced length which just Mary Poppins could have carted away. The answer? Yes, your tailor!


4. Cool larger than average Tees… Not so cool!

The super in vogue curiously large tees and sweaters and lamp shading pattern that is on? Not some tea! Larger than average tees look like dresses on you… Or they make you resemble a little kid. But you make ultra cute by wearing matching color beaded jewelry.


5. Capris. LOL!

They’re entertaining. Also, befuddling. That’s all anyone needs to know!


6. What’s more, the same goes for Jumpsuits!

They never fit. You don’t comprehend where the waistline should sit or where the stitch should cut – nope, your cerebrum truly needn’t bother with that sort of anxiety in life.


7. You’re always thinking about on the off chance that you ought to shop in the children area

Often, you sneak into the children area to check whether you can discover something. What’s more, when you do discover something, your busts act as a burden. When you do find the right shorts over there you pull them on with Bling station’s designer Anklet.


8. You can’t traverse an extravagant occasion wearing pads

It is possible that you resemble a child before other people or you don’t look favor enough. What’s more, on the off chance that it’s an occasion where individuals are continually remaining in gatherings and talking? Not your most loved spot to be. Quiet down and sit individuals!


9. Finding the ideal pair of Shoes is an undeniable mission

When you find truly pretty shoes, they’re NEVER accessible in your size. Like, truly! All the shoes in your size appear to strangely vanish into some dark opening. #Fact


10. Enormous Packs spread you up

Considering purchasing a major pack with all that anyone could need space to suit your whole life? Don’t! Conveying enormous packs will conceal your ENTIRE casing. Be that as it may, hey! It likewise works like the ideal shield for those emotional days when all you need to do is vanish and cover up! As yet winning!


Cuff That Denim In Style For Summers

With denim being the coolest design drift ever concocted, we frequently attempt to discover all the more intriguing methods for wearing it to ramp up our easygoing pants and take our road style to a radical new level. You may have seen that recently numerous young ladies in the city have been wearing handcuffed pants, which absolutely, is just the same old thing new but instead a rebound of an old pattern. This simple, yet absolutely virtuoso method for wearing pants may appear a bit excessively easygoing, consummate just for road design, however when aced effectively, you can without much of a stretch give a tasteful completion to your denim look. Give us a chance to examine the rules and regulations of wearing bound pants, and additionally talk about the ways you can sleeve essentially any sort of pants and still be tasteful and perky.

wearing cuff-your-jeans

The Most Effective Method to Wear Cuff Jeans: Step-By-Step

On the off chance that the attractive super-thin pants are your most loved kind of denim wear, this is the means by which you can wear them handcuffed: initially, overlap the pants to get a one-inch sleeve, and after that crease it again to make the sleeve two creeps thick. At last, smooth out the sleeve with the goal that it looks cleaned, and here you go! Attempt to do likewise with the other leg, ensuring you make a symmetrical look. Another method for wearing thin pants handcuffed is attempting the under sleeve look, particularly if your skinnies are of the stretch pants sort. For this situation, contingent upon how short you need to wear your pants, you have to overlap it and after that flip it back to front, delicately smoothing the sleeve. Another method for doing it is basically collapsing the pants inside, making only one major under-sleeve, which you’ll like to smooth a little to make it verging on undetectable. Also you can try them with beaded bracelets to match the sleek top of yours.

More easygoing and clumsier methods for wearing pants bound are attempting either the half-tuck sleeve or the slouchy sleeve look. For the previous one, you ought to crease a large portion of the sleeve of the side of your pants you lean toward collapsing the other edge once again. This will make an unpredictable and deviated look that you can modify the way you like. With regards to the easygoing slouchy sleeve, which works best with beau pants, you ought to overlap the pants as much as you prefer, pull the sleeve marginally down to give an untidy appearance to it and after that crease the crease of the pants downwards over the sleeve you have made. Buy designer bracelets online that go like second skin with your cuff jeans.


Best Shoes to Wear With Cuff Jeans

From one viewpoint, there’s the established one-inch sleeve, which runs extremely well with both pads (any sort, think ballet dancers, slip-ons or espadrilles!) and heels, while on the other there’s the twofold sleeve that blends well with shoes and astounding heels. The untidy couldn’t care less sleeve might be an incredible blend with tennis shoes or vans, additionally with impressive heeled shoes, which will make an excellent diverge from the easygoing look of your pants. For the most part do wear astonishing shoes with your sleeve pants, including heels, shoes, vans, pads… Cuffed pants draw in regard for your feet, so ensure you’ve found the right shoes!


A Couple of More Tips

Don’t you sleeve chime base pants and never attempt to make excessively wide sleeves, as they do look unusual. It’s unquestionably a smart thought to abstain from wearing handcuffed pants on extremely formal events.

When you sleeve your pants, you effectively remove your legs and with a specific end goal to make a corresponding look, you’re encouraged to wear your shirt or shirt tucked inside the pants. This particularly alludes to every one of those petite ladies wearing sleeve pants. They can also wear it statement bracelets online available at BlingStation.

Summer Ethnic Hue For 2016 – Fashion Guide

Ethnic design has developed to be far beyond simply conventional Indian wear. We cherish blending and coordinating our ethnic wear and a standout amongst the most darling bits of ethnic apparel among us young ladies is the kurta. So here is a rundown of 6 stunning kurtis and how you can style them in non-customary courses, notwithstanding for dressy occasions and especially summers. BlingStation this guide to summer ethnic hue is too good to miss out. Continue reading “Summer Ethnic Hue For 2016 – Fashion Guide”

What’s The Perfect Accessory For *Your* Shape?

Whether you want to slim down your look or create volume, there is a lot that you can do with Accessories! Ranging from a statement necklace to something with a lot of bling in it, there is absolutely no dearth of modern day accessories that you can experiment with. There are various options when it comes to camouflaging certain parts and there are a hundred other options to highlight different features! We are here to help you pick the right one keeping your frame in mind!

 Try Triangle Earrings if you have Chubby Cheeks

Try Triangle droplets Earrings if you have Chubby Cheeks-Online Shopping Store India

Girls with chubby cheeks or oval face tend to be concerned about how they can define their cute features without drawing too much attention to the not so sharp area. Wear earrings that fall freely below the neck. Something with an interesting geometrical shape like a triangle droplets earrings. Go for vibrant colors like cherry, pink, orange if you have a lighter skin tone. Try avoiding hoops earrings at all costs.

Featuring Ring for the French Manicure

Featuring Ring for the French Manicure-Online Shopping Store

If you are going to max out your budget line over your nails then you better make sure those tips are better given the attention they deserve. Usually your hands go unnoticed if you are not accessorizing it with bracelets or rings. Our best suggestion is to buy women fashion jewelry online which fall into this category before splurging over your nails. Try going for big funky bling rings if you have a transparent nail paint on.

Not so toned Arms

Not so toned arms-big chunky cuffs-Online Shopping Store

This one is my personal favorite because like you I have also never seen the face of gym. So forget those skinny toned arms to flaunt in summers. But sun is so harsh to wear those sleeves hence I resort to big chunky cuffs. They mostly drag all the attention to themselves. Remember not to wear any other accessory with it. So when you step people would be looking at your gorgeous cuff rather than those pizza outings.

For The Girl with A Bigger Bust or Wide Shoulders

For The Girl with A Bigger Bust or Wide Shoulders-pendant necklace Online Shopping Store

This is a problem a lot of Indian girls face, picking something that accentuates the chest without it looking too OTT. Especially when your shoulders are wide or your bust is big compared to the rest of your body. A free flowing pendant necklaces is the best bet for you. It puts the attention in all the right directions.

13 Adorable Statement CUFFS to Brighten Up Your Day

Cuffs may be small, but their contribution to any outfit can be HUGE. Provided you pick just the right ones, of course! And what else can your cuff do? Cheer you up! That’s why we bring you these SUPER adorable statement cuffs – that are sure to bring a smile to your lips! And guess what? They’re each for less than 400 bucks!

 Romantic-At-Heart Red Budd

Romantic-At-Heart Red Budd-Cuffs Online Store-SJ_CF000053_RED

All you need in the world is love. If you agree with us too, you MUST add this adorable cuff to your jewellery box! It certainly has the “aww” factor, and will complement almost any outfit!

Price: Rs 339.

Elegant Sheen Cuff

Elegant Sheen Cuff-Cuffs Online Shopping Store India-SJ_CF000054_GLD

Want to be the centre of attention at a party? If that’s a nod, flaunt this sexy net base statement cuff and you’re bound to grab eyeballs in no time! Plus, SO cute!

Price: Rs 369.

Sparkling Black Cuff

Sparkling Black Cuff-Cuffs Online Shopping Store India-AC_CF000006_BLK

There’s nothing about this cuff we don’t like! It’s lovely to look at, and makes a powerful statement accessory when worn. Take a closer look, and it feels like you’re wearing sparkle on your wrist. Enough to make you feel cheerful all day long!

Price: Rs 189

Golden Designer Cuff

Golden Designer Cuff-Cuffs Online Shopping Store India-SJ_CF000050_GLD

If you love all things cute and shiny, this cuff is something you should TOTALLY buy. It’s so cool; we bet it does gonna be a conversation starter every time you wear it!

Price: Rs 289.

 Zoey White/Golden Cuff

Zoey White-Golden Cuff-Cuffs Online Shopping Store India-AC_CF000005_GLD

Just the sight of that floral design and that sparklingly golden and white combination was enough to get our attention! We mean, who has the heart to not pick it up? We would, if we were you for sure. #JustSayin

Price: Rs 269.

Twister Roller Cuff

Twister Roller Cuff-Cuffs Online Shopping Store India-SJ_CF000046_GLD_M

An awesome metallic golden cuff with small studs – which girl wouldn’t want to get her hands on it? It’s got CUTE written all over it. If you want to add that adorable factor to your outfit, you know what to wear!

Price: Rs 289

Buy it here –

If you are longing for more awesome accessory check out BLING STATION cuff online store collection. Hurry up as they are selling like hot cakes