Long-Lasting Lipsticks under Rs.1000/- only, Grab one ASAP!

image002 Woman loves to dress up well, and now when it come her makeup she has to be very particular about each and everything, right? Even about her lipstick, we all want that our lipstick should last 12-Hours. Yes! But not all lipstick brand last long! Lipstick is must use cosmetic when we think of makeup or you can also say that without using lipstick, makeup is incomplete. And now everyone wants to do long lasting makeup as there is very less time to reapply the makeup or reapply any cosmetic that’s why everyone would like prefer waterproof liner, kajal, foundations. But sometimes, it gets too hard to keep the shine of your lip color intact due to over-stretched hours. Don’t you want a lipstick that gives you the desired finish, and does not even burn a hole in your pocket? So, here we are with a list of brands that offer some of the best lipsticks costing much less than 1000 INR. Check this out and grab one or two or all for yourself.


Maybelline New York’s new Superstar 14-hour lipstick truly stands up to the expectations. The brand offers the range with bright colors which are ultra-lightweight with deep pigments. And, it is available in 16 shades. What else you want more? I think this collection is priceless. @Rs. 575/-image004


Mac’s Embrace Me collection should be taken literally. The colors are rich and vibrant, and perfect for brides who are ready to experiment. The color stays for a very long time, but tends to dry. So, apply a lip balm before your wear lipstick. Applying a lip balm would always be a good option if you are applying lipsticks and that is totally mate. @Rs.990/-image006


Ruby Kiss is a really cool alternative. It doesn’t cake, dry your lips out or smudge. In fact, it seals moisture and keeps your lips smooth, plump and hydrated. Pout away, we say. Just like this AVON Ruby kiss. @Rs. 479image008


For those who love red, L’Oreal’s Color Riche Pure Reds collection is just a perfect blessing in disguise. Available in seven unique shades of red, the lipstick has smooth application and matte effect. It stays on for at least 6-hours. @Rs.995/-image010

Body Shop

A trusted brand, The Body Shop, is precisely for the ones with sensitive skin. So, when it came to their lipstick, the Color Crush range is just what their loyal customers needed. They have bright colors, and the moisture lock technology lets them stay for long hours. And its exotic rose scent will take in you by surprise.image012


Revlon’s Colourstay range is available in 20 shades. It is soft in texture and gives a suave effect. As the name suggests, it stays for a very long time and because of shea butter, you can easily wipe it off later on.image014


Want to acquire Permanent Hair Smoothening at Home?

image002If you are one of them who do not want to spend a lot of money in the parlors getting your hair straightened permanently. Then here are the best remedies which you can apply in your hair to get them straightened and with the lasting smoothening effect naturally! We all love long ad straight hair; there are different textures of our hair. Some might have curly or wavy hair, but in order to attain straight hair permanently, we often get indulge our self with expensive hair treatments or spa’s or hair rebonding or hair smoothening which turns out to be quite expensive and also damages our hair with the chemicals.

If you want straight hair naturally then why don’t you try these home remedies to attain one? Yes, now you do not have to visit those expensive parlors and sit there for long five-six hours and get your hair filled with chemicals for straight hair. Now you can simply do it by yourself and trust me it would last longer than a year! Let us just check out some of the remedies which are completely damage free for your hair:

The best treatment is Coconut Oil and Lemon, coconut oil is an amazing remedy for your hair and lemon on the other hand is no less. Lemons also help you in getting rid of dandruff from your hair. Mix these two and refrigerate the mixture for a few hours. A creamy layer will be produced on the top of the mixture. Apply that cream to your hair and wrap it with a hot towel. Wait for at least one hour. Then, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and dry it completely. You will rediscover your hair with added softness! Repeat it twice a week for a month.image004

Now let us come to the second one this is also an effective remedy, all you need is Papaya, Honey and Banana. Combination of these three is an amazing hair conditioner. Mash the banana and papaya pieces very well so that they do not form any lump. Add honey to it and mix very well. Apply it to your hair thoroughly. Once it dries up completely, rinse off with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. This remedy can do wonders to your hair, repeat it twice a week.image006
If these two remedies are not available at home you can also look out for this one, Strawberry, Milk and Honey; there three also plays a vital role when it comes to straightening your hair naturally! Take the blended strawberries and mix it well with honey and milk and start applying the mixture over your hair with your hands. From the scalp to the end of the hair, leave it for two hours and rinse it with mild shampoo. Continue this for two-three times a week.image008
The forth remedy is Olive Oil and White Eggs, as both of them are integral part of the hair. Mixture of these two can do wonders to your hair. Mix two eggs whites with adequate amount of olive oil in it and wait for at least an hour and then rinse with milk shampoo. Notice the change yourself. Repeat once a week.

These are few of the most effective remedies for straightening your hair at home and you will notice certain changes instantly. Choose your remedy and try it as soon as possible for best results.

Four Rules To Follow In Fashion Week

Fashion Week is a wonderful time to flaunt your road style and truly catch the consideration of the media. Those style editors will expound on you, your toxic acquaintances will be distinctly watching you and you will feel like the superstar yourself. All things considered, while the runways are loaded with couture and prepared to-wear outlines, it is likewise the chaperons, who set the most recent patterns. This in itself implies that you should be additional watchful about who and what you are wearing when you venture into the lobbies facilitating the Fashion Week appears.

Four Rules To Follow In Fashion Week

Trust BlingStation when we say that; you need to go to a truly alluring gathering, wherein you will meet some fantastically stunningly dressed individuals, who waver on some inconceivable heels and display amazing fashion jewelry incredible measure of skin, have lavish tastes and greatly thin legs. Presently, consider how you will be mixing in as opposed to standing out like a weed among the blooms. It’s truly essential to figure out how to dress to go to a style week appear, before hustling to hit the roads to meet the most prevalent It young ladies and Fashion influencers posturing for the camera lenses of expert picture takers!

1. Keep it Casual

In all actuality you are not attempting to be the model yet simply there to appreciate the gathering with all whatever remains of them. You don’t have to resemble a million dollars yourself, regardless of the possibility that the pieces being showcased have such a fantastic sticker price. Odds are that you will scarcely even be gotten on camera so simply accept circumstances for what they are and attempt to be more similar to you, by and by. Wear turquoise statement necklace for the summer look picture.

2. Know a Tailor

There’s nothing more awful than seeing a lady escape a taxi and enter a Fashion show venue while appearing as though she has obtained her pieces of clothing from somebody either a size or two greater or much littler than herself. Pulled catch, additional free coats, pants that appear as though they are painted on yet ought not do as such, or even skirts with trims far too short to be a piece of the most recent style patterns; odds are you will be conferring an awful violation of social norms on the off chance that you don’t get yourself to a tailor and make every piece you are wearing fit you by and by like a glove. Your body is not nonexclusive and neither ought to be your garments. Bizarre pocket lumps and sleeves that are too yearn for your own particular arms, regardless of how shapely they might be, are very regular an issue that must be annihilated rapidly.

3. Try not to Spend a Fortune

Even if the couture pieces in plain view start from a couple of hundred thousand dollars each, the outfit you have pulled together as a participant of the Fashion Week demonstrates need not cost you dearly… unless, obviously, you are a multi-tycoon in any case. You don’t have to put in the month’s rent to however another outfit either. Simply pool your cash for something that is a greater amount of a venture piece, adaptable for some events and that which is certain to make them look and feeling as astounding as anyone might imagine. You need to have the capacity to wear the pieces of clothing at the end of the day and not give them to the closest Salvation Army. Speaking of saving try BlingStation fashion jewelry online to save a pound on accessories.

4. Draw out Those Shoes

It is important not in the event that you can stroll in them by any means, let alone for drawn out stretches of time. The shoes will be snatching as much consideration as the coats and the dress, so you would be wise to be getting them out and begin honing. They will hurt, they will execute, yet the explanation behind their presence is clarified here: they were made for the Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, London or New York. Include an insole for solace or change into another pair of similarly chic originator shoes that are more agreeable to stroll in without yowling following an hour or two, however realize that these beautiful things must be allowed to sparkle brilliant against the setting of all that the style world stands for.

Beauty Guide – Tricks to learn TO GO ALL *BLUSH BLUSH*

Love that post workout flush? Don’t know how to get it very right? We have your back! Take after these traps for that ravishing ruddy sparkle and you’ll be well on your approach to appearing as though you’ve quite recently had a pink bath. Stay on with BlingStation for the tricks for this treat.


1. Present to On the Moisturizer

Your initial step ought to dependably be to spoil your face with a wanton lotion to suit your skin sort. Spot off any abundance with a tissue. Dry, flaky skin doesn’t retain cosmetics exceptionally well.

2. Settle on a Liquid Foundation

Like the lotion, a fluid establishment will make a dewy surface for your become flushed to coast on like a fantasy! The establishment will guarantee that the flushed holds fast to your skin better and stays put for more. In case you’re not an establishment client, a lightweight BB cream works as well, and in case you’re honored with great skin, then you can skip it by and large.

PS- Bling station’s Pink beaded earrings help with the extra pink glow.

3. Expert the Art of Layering


Who said you can utilize stand out become flushed? Layering a cream or gel become flushed underneath a powder redden is the most straightforward approach to give you a modified shade that best suits your skin tone. Layering recipes won’t just upgrade the resilience of the red additionally ensure that perfect flush stays put throughout the day! Speaking of layering try our latest layering beaded necklace. They are ought to out shine your pink glow.

4. Get Your Angles Right

At the point when applying reddens, you unquestionably need to hit the right spots. Redden can make you look more established as effectively as it can give you that energetic sparkle – if not connected well. Apply it sparingly and to the right territories. Consider your face shape and see how to function with it. The snappiest approach to apply become flushed is to make a C-shape starting from your sanctuaries and down to your cheekbones. This hack works best for round and square face shapes.


Oval Face – You can wear become flushed in any way. The most ideal way would be along the apples of your cheeks and clearing upwards towards your sanctuaries.


Round Face – Suck in your cheeks and breadth on reddens slantingly from somewhat over the edges of your lips towards your ears. This will make a round face look more rakish.


Square Face – Smile and apply your redden on the apples of your cheeks to mellow the points of your face.


Heart Shaped Face – Apply your redden just underneath the apples of your cheek and scope somewhat upwards to adjust a more extensive brow and smaller jaw line. Dangler earrings look great with heart shaped face.


5. Locate the Right Shade


Young ladies with reasonable and medium skin tones ought to decide on warm pinks, corals and peach reddens. Profound fuchsia, warm tans and tangerine orange shades look best on darker skin tones.

P.S.: We exceptionally suggest the wide Blush for perfection. It is one of those shades that compliments most skin tones and has quite recently the right indication of sparkle. Also, with such a brazen name, who wouldn’t have any desire to demonstrate that off!

6. Utilize the Right Tools

Put resources into a decent quality brush to expert your become flushed application. A delicate calculated brush works best for cream and powder reddens while a little stippling brush will give you that enhanced with Photoshop impact.

The Perfect Red Lips for the Summer Parties

There is simply something so damn hot about red lips. At the point when connected right, red lips can help you resemble a confounding wonder! In any case, minor two speedy swipes before taking off the entryway isn’t doing full equity to your striking shade of red. We’re going to let you know the correct approach to apply red lipstick (or any brilliant/dim lip shade so far as that is concerned) for an immaculate sulk, for accomplishing a hot pucker is a workmanship. Stay on with BlingStation.


Step 1: Soft Lips

The correct approach to apply red lipstick starts like this. Number one rule – Don’t consider applying lipstick on dried out lips. Shed your mope with a spotless toothbrush dunked in warm water on the off chance that you haven’t got a lip scour convenient. A flimsy layer of lip analgesic will make a point to keep your lips saturated even under a drying, matte lippie.

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Step 2: Outline

This is such a vital step, however one that the greater part of us never at any point considers. You have to discover a lip liner that matches your lipstick or is a shade near it, to accomplish faultless application, a more full looking sulk, smear confirmation shading and to keep it from seeping outside your lips.

The perfect Red lips for the Summer Parties

Begin with your cupid’s bow on top. Draw an X with your lip liner by laying out your cupid’s bow and drawing 2 inclining lines from it. At that point at the focal point of your lower lip, draw a line that frameworks the bend of your lips to go about as an aide. In the event that you need to fake a fuller frown, you can draw this somewhat underneath your genuine lower lip.


Step 3: Fill it in

The perfect Red lips for the Summer Parties

Once you’ve taken after these two principle rules, diagram the whole lip line and afterward fill in your lips altogether utilizing your lip pencil. Utilize a tissue to smudge. In case you’re fulfilled by how your lips take a gander right now, you can likewise include a touch of lip salve/sparkle on the off chance that you need to up the dramatization proceed in the following steps.


Step 4: Bring On the Lipstick

Apply your red lipstick. Take a stab at utilizing a lip brush as it gives you better exactness for application in the middle of the lines. Keep it matte on the off chance that you like. Another thing is spot on a layer of clear sparkle for glossy red lips. Golden cuffs bring the glamour on full speed with red lips.


Step 5: Concealer to the Rescue

Spot a touch of concealer around your lips. This will keep your red from smearing and spilling onto your skin furthermore makes your mope truly pop.

So women, there you have it! This is the correct approach to provocative, sultry lips. It might take an additional moment or two yet it will be absolutely justified regardless of the exertion. You’re currently an ace at impeccable lipstick application and don’t forget to check out our jewelry blog to match your accessory with your make up. Kiss!