Handbags and Clutches Bags

We have a bittersweet relationship with the bags. Although we love them and want all of them but when it comes to stuffing stuff into it we have layers of crap placed in there since ages. For all we know it could have the lost city of Atlantis. While we were telling you all about trends and fashion happening over town in 2016 let us give you a brief pro-quo about the bags and clutches we saw on a fashion trip. We saw these bags and they are ground breaking breath taking IT of the year. While you are still procrastinating to manage the contents of your bag these super cute chick hang ons will make you go organized from nay to Yay. Let’s get started…

1. Plush Pink backpack

1.Plush Pink backpack-BAGS AND MORE

You are never too old to carry plush plink backpack. Although it may not have those cute Cinderella drawings all over it but this cute baggy will certainly win over your heart. It is also large in space and totally be used in daily Hoch poch routine.

2. Cowbiy Fringe

2. Cowbiy Fringe-BAGS AND MORE

No it is not just for tomboys and boho chicks. I swear I saw office workers carrying it around for a fresh look. The world is changing fashion faster than the weather. You better keep up Girl…

3. Wow ME!


Remember those cute little Tiffin box you used to take as kids. Well they are hand purses now. So find your WOW or some other edgy quote and flash it around town like a BOSS.

4. Pout for me?

4. Pout for me-BAGS AND MORE

So much for designer handbags eh? Well if you get trolled for making a pout for selfies troll back with this pouty red clutch. Take a bold risk why don’t you? I mean you don’t have anything to lose while you might just create some ghastly jealous turnaround from other girls. Bling Station is a pro to make you a fashion leader. Trust us if you are into edgy fashion and make over.

5. Bead me Pearl


Beaded clutches might not be new but they haven’t left town at all. Seems like George Clooney to me, ageing like fine bottle of expensive wine. But this one particular beaded clutch is on discount at Bling Station. SShhhh very limited collection so grab one fast.

6. Girl gotta have a DIAMOND

6. Girl gotta have a DIAMOND-BAGS AND MORE

We girls can’t do without a diamond in our kitty. So why not have a diamond kitty. Time to experiment with few shapes, my personal favorite is a cupcake bag. While the world is drooling over the things you got them in the bag oops they are your bag.

7. Jhola UP


Don’t you dare under estimate the power of a good fabric Jhola bag!! They are best friends with Mother Nature, can carry a house full of puppies and are gonna live long enough to see your grand children take them to school. While all is said and done, a Jhola bag is also very chick and in fashion. They are the new BOHO look of town and they are winning overseas too. You owe it to fashion and Mother Nature to have one in your collection. Try bling station for sexy colors and designs. They are the online fashion hub of modern woman.