Fashion Colours – Colors of Fall 2016 in Outfits and Accessories

We at BlingStation, are finished with the fashion colors of fall 2016 design weeks moving from New York to London, Milan to Paris, every one of the style urban communities bringing about the ideal result and pushing forward its own particular vision over ladylike charm. What’s more, now time is ready to experience all the runway demonstrates divulged with the utmost attention to detail to recognize the real shades calling the tune and to draw out into the open the fall/winter 2016-2017 shading patterns, utilizing Pantone Color Institute’s style shading report as the base, additionally the various hues used by the style houses and creators.

Riverside, Airy Blue, Sharkskin, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar

#1: Riverside

The list of the fall/winter 2016 shading patterns is driven by Riverside, a cool and quieting blue that is actually stuck between genuine naval force blue and lively cobalt blue. It has some feeling of certainty and determination to it, yet raising most extreme energy, advancement and a dosage of puzzle inside us. To be more correct in the depiction, simply take any naval force or cobalt blue, blow some tobacco smoke on it and you will get what the Pantone Color Institute has created to call Riverside. It may be its certainty siring property or the element to work superbly well with near whatever other shade that has incredibly animated the dominant part of style architects to incorporate this cool shade in their fall/winter 2016 accumulations. It looks great with pairing of silver rings online at BlingStation.


#2: Airy Blue

The Blue administration was indubitably shaking all through all the four 2016 design weeks playing with all its conceivable shades and investigating every one of the parkways extending from cold blue to cobalt and naval force soul. In any case, it is Riverside together with Airy Blue bound to administer over other blue individuals. In the event that Riverside is more calculated at dependability and certainty, Airy Blue, the fall variant of Serenity (the triumphant shade of spring 2016 together with Rose Quartz) is to take anybody to an opportunity, peacefulness and weightlessness. Besides, makes impeccable combos with Riverside and interesting, new methodologies with Lush Meadow, Taupe or Dusty Cedar on the rundown.


#3: Sharkskin

Dark palette has dependably been in participation at fall/winter runway indicates year in year out, however it came as a moment of realization for us this time it is Sharkskin to work triumphantly everywhere whether with splendid or quieted shades, whether in ordinary life or on exceptional events. Through design houses utilizing this steady shade as a part of wealth we are currently chancing upon another excellent fall/winter 2016-2017 shading pattern to grasp our closets soon enough. Pair them with turquoise accessories.


#4: Aurora Red

The fall/winter 2016-2017, shading drifts from red shades extending from burgundy and carmine to blood red and red. In any case, credit it to Aurora Red to give no grass a chance to develop under feet coming as the fourth in vogue shade of the up and coming fall/winter seasons. This is intense Red with some exotic and warm hints, not all that strong as burgundy and not so dynamic as blood red, but rather wrapped with some strange dust. As indicated by Pantone’s Institute, this gets the allegorical blood of the palette pumping.


#5: Warm Taupe

The following steadiness and consolation radiating shading that has grasped the fall/winter runway demonstrates numerous a period and oft is unbiased Warm Taupe, portrayed by Pantone as trusted, natural and grounded and sufficiently receptive to be coordinated with each of the 9 hues on the rundown. In the event that it is about the fall season, then it shocks no one to see immortal trench coats in spades down the avenues and on the off chance that it is about trench coats, and then Warm Taupe is certain to be up slope and down dale.


#6: Dusty Cedar

We may escape by this warm and inviting shade of quieted pink that the Pantone Color Institute has called Dusty Cedar and which comes as one of the best fall/winter 2016-2017 shading patterns to warm the cockles of our souls. A significant number of us may in any case be under the unwinding impression of Rose Quartz grasping spring 2016 that will be cleaned a smidgen come the fall season and turn out as another relax shade of Dusty Cedar that numerous style originators have captivated with. Buy contrasting colorful jewelry online at BlingStation.


Super Quirky Summer Looks 2016

We’re at the crest of summer and the greater part of us are in a quandary – what do we look like stylish in the oppressive warmth? From shrewd checks and shimmery fabrics to dainty florals, summer is about feeling and looking cool. Bling station as of late propelled its selective gathering of easily chic dresses that are absolutely overwhelming and we’ve rattled off our top picks to add appeal to each event a late spring.


1. Sparkle Glimmer!


Unique events require a touch of sparkle and by “bit” we mean excessively much! Pick a brush off dress for a night out on the off chance that you have conditioned shoulders that can hardly wait to be flaunted. Pair it with black pumps and an adorable Clutch for the ideal head-turner! Buy evening clutch online at Bling station.


2. Check Mate!

High contrast is age-old works of art and checks are verging on each young lady’s top choice. Make a cool new expansion to your closet with a super adorable skater dress. Parade an indication of your midriff with the little cut-out waist! Wear a pearl necklace by bling station for a quirky day at bay.


3. White a Major Trend!

Definitely! White dresses can be worn all around and combined with verging on each shade. Match a perfect white cut out dress with shut pumps and basic silver extras and you’ll be prepared for an extraordinary date! Buy silver accessories online at Bling station.


4. Blossom Power

Whether you’re an enthusiast of little daisies or tremendous roses on your dress, flower prints are dependably the right alternative for summer! Venture out in an agreeable, easygoing yet-girly dress for social gatherings with your young lady squad. Group it up with smooth hoops or an essential neckpiece and you are ready!


5. Can’t turn out badly with Black!

sexy-black-lace-dresses-SUPER QUIRKY SUMMER LOOKS 2016

There is next to nothing that a black dress can do off-base! Add a provocative slice out to it and you’re magnificent! The Little black dress has been the conspicuous decision for most ladies ever. Grasp a great Audrey Hepburn style dress and match it with negligible brilliant extras for your next formal social gathering!


6. Chevron to the salvage

Chevron is an enormous hit a season and has been seen on the inclines of all the huge creators. Group a really number with chic shades and a tasteful black pack for a high tea date with your bestie. The cut outs as an afterthought give an outfit a decent edge.


Revive your closet with Bling station suggestions, with this astonishing accumulation of you can’t-survive this summer. For more accessories to match the summer hue visit our Bling station website. We are the fashion hub and serious trend followers. If there is something up and high in the market, you will always find it in our collection.

Handbags and Clutches Bags

We have a bittersweet relationship with the bags. Although we love them and want all of them but when it comes to stuffing stuff into it we have layers of crap placed in there since ages. For all we know it could have the lost city of Atlantis. While we were telling you all about trends and fashion happening over town in 2016 let us give you a brief pro-quo about the bags and clutches we saw on a fashion trip. We saw these bags and they are ground breaking breath taking IT of the year. While you are still procrastinating to manage the contents of your bag these super cute chick hang ons will make you go organized from nay to Yay. Let’s get started…

1. Plush Pink backpack

1.Plush Pink backpack-BAGS AND MORE

You are never too old to carry plush plink backpack. Although it may not have those cute Cinderella drawings all over it but this cute baggy will certainly win over your heart. It is also large in space and totally be used in daily Hoch poch routine.

2. Cowbiy Fringe

2. Cowbiy Fringe-BAGS AND MORE

No it is not just for tomboys and boho chicks. I swear I saw office workers carrying it around for a fresh look. The world is changing fashion faster than the weather. You better keep up Girl…

3. Wow ME!


Remember those cute little Tiffin box you used to take as kids. Well they are hand purses now. So find your WOW or some other edgy quote and flash it around town like a BOSS.

4. Pout for me?

4. Pout for me-BAGS AND MORE

So much for designer handbags eh? Well if you get trolled for making a pout for selfies troll back with this pouty red clutch. Take a bold risk why don’t you? I mean you don’t have anything to lose while you might just create some ghastly jealous turnaround from other girls. Bling Station is a pro to make you a fashion leader. Trust us if you are into edgy fashion and make over.

5. Bead me Pearl


Beaded clutches might not be new but they haven’t left town at all. Seems like George Clooney to me, ageing like fine bottle of expensive wine. But this one particular beaded clutch is on discount at Bling Station. SShhhh very limited collection so grab one fast.

6. Girl gotta have a DIAMOND

6. Girl gotta have a DIAMOND-BAGS AND MORE

We girls can’t do without a diamond in our kitty. So why not have a diamond kitty. Time to experiment with few shapes, my personal favorite is a cupcake bag. While the world is drooling over the things you got them in the bag oops they are your bag.

7. Jhola UP


Don’t you dare under estimate the power of a good fabric Jhola bag!! They are best friends with Mother Nature, can carry a house full of puppies and are gonna live long enough to see your grand children take them to school. While all is said and done, a Jhola bag is also very chick and in fashion. They are the new BOHO look of town and they are winning overseas too. You owe it to fashion and Mother Nature to have one in your collection. Try bling station for sexy colors and designs. They are the online fashion hub of modern woman.


“Sometimes in life we look for one thing and find another”. Well anyone who has a messy handbag will make out a totally different meaning out of it. For all we know the ground level of a woman’s handbag can have the lost city of Atlantis. Well a messy bag doesn’t mean a woman doesn’t want ample number of these lovely kitties. Here are the six kinds of handbags every woman should own this year.

The Kelly Hand Purse

Classic structured style bag which oozes sophistication and timeless style in its beautiful cluttered design. It can be used on any unofficial outing when you have sort of have to take your entire dressing table with you. It has a large heart like you so pump it up girls.

The Kelly Hand Purse : HANDBAG OBSESSION


An open top bag that often has soft straps or handles, it is perfect for bulk shopping or like the picture says book keeping. It gives a very casual look and can be taken on a holiday where you all want to do is make a messy bun and explore the streets of bazaar.


The Clutch of Ladies

Men we also have our ‘Clutches’ about which we know better than you do about your cars. A clutch is a small handheld bag that is tucked under the arm or carried by hand. It is usually taken to parties where all we need as a handy is our phone, nose powder and a lipstick.

The Clutch of Ladies : HANDBAG OBSESSION

 (Product of BLING STATION)

The Jhol of Jhola

It is ethnic, it is pretty and it is the George Clooney of Indian Purses. The Jhola bags can be paired with a lot of outfits. Like long skirts or dresses, of course anything Indian and it is also a totally hip looking bag for all those women who like to keep it on the edge. A total must-have for your collection.


 (Product of BLING STATION)

The Hobo Bag

It is a perfect bag for college going women and for the women who have an unbroken relationship with casual t-shirts. A hobo bag is a slouchy semi-circular stylish casual bag with just one shoulder strap.

Classic Elegant Canvas Bag Hobo Bag : HANDBAG OBSESSION


The Satchel Purse

It is the perfect everyday bag for the pant-suit and office going woman. It is as formal as they come and have the highest fashion quotient rating.

The Satchel Purse


Browse onto to grab those sexy handbags in the pictures. Don’t forget to check out their designer women bags online and women fashion accessories. Don’t be in a fix by these six now.