Some fashion trends never die. Women just can’t get rid of them because they are evergreen and look fashionable and trendy no matter how many decades old the trend is! These trends will be needed today and even tomorrow in the fashion world.


1. Jeans

This was first used by cowboys and miners and became extremely popular in the 1950’s. Time added a little touch of variation and gave us the skinny, slim, flare and boot cut jeans! The most popular ones are the skinny and straight line jeans because you can show off your shape and shoes unlike in bell bottom and flare jeans. Wear them with fabric handbags and you have landed yourself in the most BOHO chick 2016 style fever. Buy them at Bling Station.


2. Little Black Dress (LBD)


Personally I love little black dresses and are my all time favorite. It suits everyone and is perfect for almost every occasion. Just put on a little black dress and mute it on the ornaments and get a perfect elegant look. Pair them with Bling station’s amazing silver rings and be the talk of the evening.


3. White tee

White t-shirt is the best timeless fashion trend as you can never get tired of wearing it and feels like a not-so-fashionable person! It’s always so comfortable and no matter what the season is, a white tee or white tee with an add-on is always trendy for the season. Want to just look simple? Just throw on a white top and simple pair of jeans.


4. Prints

I don’t think printed tops or bottoms can ever go out of fashion. Animal prints like tiger or cheetah print and floral prints are just amazing and evergreen. Why just have printed tops and bottoms? Add prints in your footwear and bags and get a different look every time you pair it with something!

5. Florals

5.Floral-Print-Dresses-For-Spring-Summer-PICK ON SOME EVERGREEN TRENDS

Undoubtedly, we saw a lot of florals on the runway this season. But florals have always been there. An embodiment of spring, with its pretty flowers and earthy hues, this natural, blooming affair perseveres. When worn with beaded bracelets in hue colors they stand out every single time. Check them out at Bling Station.


6. Gingham

Again, a design that had a stint at the Spring/Summer ’15 Fashion Week, but had never really left our wardrobe. Gingham is one of those cute, geometrical designs (the other being polka) that will forever be associated with an airy and light-hearted look. The iconic blue, gingham dress that Judy Garland wore in the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz” as Dorothy, remains the nostalgic inspiration.


7. Fringe

Fringes remind us of the Wild West cowboys, the cinematically romanticized characters that symbolized freedom and adventures. This bohemian quality associated with the trend is loved by everyone, and can still be noticed in fashion, from the extravagant to regular old stuff like scarves. Because hippies may not be around, like during the 60’s, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any now.


8. Stripes


Some say Zebra, I say nautical. A striped design, especially on tops for men and women alike, is a testament to its never-go-out-of-style nature. And something about its clean cut, straight shape that evokes memories of the sea, is pleasing to the eyes.


9. Polka

An evergreen motif, polka dot was one of the strongest trends this season on the runway as well as on the red carpet influenced polka and carnations designs. And we have actually never heard anyone say that polka dots are ugly.


10. Military Green

The military green and its camouflage design may not seem like a “hot” trend but it endures. To pair it with something feminine or just to wear a trend that is different and cool, but not over-displayed by everyone.


Six Looks to Go for – FOR A CHANGE

Bling station is here again with the edgy fashion commandment. We believe in change and we know so do you. Every once in a while we want to do something edgy with our look. Don’t sweat so much anymore about it. We bring on the silver platter six new looks you can go for if you are bored of your daily appearance. They are edgy, funky and totally in fashion zone. So take a sneak peak at the new future you with Bling Station.


1. Pop up with Accessories

1.Pop up with Accessories-Dolly-Singh-Spill-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

Long skirts, funky shirt and that head band dominated it to be the number one on our list. I mean what’s not to love. It is hardly seen that such abundant bursts of color make a really good fashion choice. This pretty number ends right below your calves and the pleats add volume to your lower body. Pick something like this if you’ve got a narrow frame and would like to add the illusion of curves. Pick a fitted top to go with it (as opposed to a boxy one). You can get the custom jewellery online at Bling Station.


2. The Black of it

2.The Black of it-Tomoko-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

Got athletic legs and would like to flaunt ‘em? A shorter hemline is your best bet to opt for a change without over looking your perfect areas. While body con skirts are very hot this season, a more A-line silhouette makes your legs look slimmer (yes, really!). Women with a straight body frame can pair these skirts with fitted tops. Don’t forget that minimalist look and that fabric handbag. It really makes up the most of your appearance. Go by the instinct on this one as it is a safer play with the color Black.


3. Pleat me up

3.Pleat me up-Neha-CORD-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

A skirt that ends right at your knees is great for women who don’t want to flaunt too much thigh. Carrying post-festive cellulite on your upper legs? Make sure the skirt isn’t too fitted. This pleated, A-line skirt is just perfect to conceal those problem areas. Besides pairing a kurti size top with the official school girl skirt is the dangerous zone you were wishing for. Get the matching colors on both the clothes and try to keep accessories on the contrast too. You don’t want to be playing with fire here.


4. Flowers in Spring

4.Flowers in Spring-Shreya-Kalra-For-The-Six looks to go for a change-Love-Of-Fashion-and-Other-Things-333x500

This high-waist skirt accentuates a slim wait. The silhouette complements a curvy figure. Moreover, since it doesn’t really hug on to your body from under the waist belt, it conceals any signs of muffin tops *wink*. Besides it is obviously the first choice of woman who want to experiment staying on the safer side of the fashion book. You can buy silver jewellery along with it to match the flower pattern of the crop top.


5. Go With The Print

5.Go With The Print-Amrita-Kartikaye-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

A flowy, floor-grazing skirt is perfect for summer. You can pair it with your tee shirts and crop tops and also give it a twist by pairing it with your choli tops. What’s great about this skirt is that it complements almost every body type.


6. Best of both worlds

6.Best of both worlds-Dhwani-stylist-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

This layered net skirt ends right above your knees and makes for a great casual option. When paired with tees and plimsolls, it adds a touch of sporty chic. It can also be dressed up with heels and a fitted top.

7 things Every Girl does at a Party

All through the week, we wait for Friday night because it means…party!!! After the endless outfit trials, makeup and hair consultations, selecting the perfect shoes and accessories and talk about the latest online shopping websites like Bling station, we stride out with our glam squad for a night of endless fun. We bet every girl does these 7 things at a party!

1. Fix her clothes and makeup

The first thing we do when we enter a party is greet our friends and then get in line for the washroom. After all, once we can confirm that we look just perfect, we are ready to kick start the party! 

2. Gossip with friends over endless glasses of sangria

Gossip with friends over endless glasses of sangria-7 things every girl does at a party-girls-at-parties

“Did you hear who Karan is dating now?!” Yes, we’ve all been there, done that. And what better drink to gossip over than a chilled glass of red wine sangria with a hit of fresh fruits?

3. Check out what everyone else is wearing and then flaunt our new fabric bag scored at Bling Station

Check out what everyone else is wearing and then flaunt our new fabric bag-7 things every girl does at a party-MA_BA000101_RED

What?! We like to keep up with the latest trends! *bats eyelashes*. And we also like to show people where we stand in that crowd. The new red blaze fabric bags online deserves the attention. Bling Station’s designer woman bags online collection is to die for and hence we are trying to spread the message.

4. Go to the washroom in a group

We know we’ll have to get in line. That’s why we bring along our besties – to keep us company. And if the washroom is big enough and well-lit, a whole tirade of “what-she’s-wearing” ensues.

5. Try and eat as much as we can without wiping off our lipstick

Try and eat as much as we can without wiping off our lipstick-7 things every girl does at a party-girls-at-parties-2

It’s a real struggle, guys. You’ll only get it when you’ve got a Burger staring at you and your favorite lipstick on – it’s a challenge we’ve been failing for a long, long time.

6. DJ-wale babu, mera gaana baja do!

’Cause we want to dance, dance, dance. While Bollywood music does get us shaking most times, we do appreciate a host of other genres as well. We get it a heady mix of retro and popular music that is hard to resist.

7. Wait for someone ‘special’ to hit the dance floor

So that we finally have an excuse to get close to them! Who knows what will happen next? *wink*

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Reasons to use Jhola Bags this Year !

Reasons to use Jhola bags this year-Online Shopping Store india-MA_BA000101_RED_large3

First and foremost reason is that it is ECO-FRIENDLY. Yes, you really should ditch that faux leather now and start using cool and super cute Jhola bags. They don’t die easy when you are stuffing your world into them and as I said before they look super cute. For women fabric bags online browse onto BLING STATION.

Fiber bags came into fashion since 2011. When the BOHO trend picked on they started manufacturing and selling like hot cakes. Many designers came forward and gave them stylish outlooks like adding embroidery to them or doing mirror and bead work on the outer section.

Save your darling wallet from the burden of heavy payment. Fiber bags are way cheap and have a long life. Indians go at extreme levels just to save pennies; here you are saving mother earth too.

If you are looking to do some charity or some goodwill work here is your painless chance. We all know your excuses for ditching to help someone by saying you have no time and money. Well you can shop from websites like BLING STATION and buy cheap yet sustainable, cute and stylish fiber bags. The stitching and crafts work business is done by urban poor people as it has really low start capital. By buying these products you will be helping less privileged by almost doing no hard work.

Even if you decide to throw away the product after it is torn from both ends and has supported you a long time. Fiber is a biodegradable. The list just keeps getting better and better.

Everything is easier wished than implemented. We all want a clean India, pollution free India, and Developed India. But we are so busy with our own hustle and bustle that the wish is only a wish. If you can’t swap all your home products to India Made then the least you can do is buy a handbag which is not leather. You also don’t have to wander for them just tip over to BLING STATION an online website which deals in designer women fabric bags online in India.

Apart from above described products these natural fibers are also shaped in mesmerizing range of cushion covers, table-mats, table covers, tea cozies, wall hangings etc. Make good to your home and country this year. Use natural products and be the change you want to see in the world.

1 to 5 Bags Every 18 Plus Girl must own

No woman ever said that she has enough bags. I mean a bag is the absolute necessity and the biggest fashion icon. There are so many things a woman needs to put in her bag and so little time she has to manage all of the other tasks. The last thing you need to worry about is taking out a sling bag for an all day long traditional day out.

Well as a bag binger my suggestion is to you is walk with the world. Nobody actually spends all their free time running on toes and shopping from stop to stop. It is time you start searching words like woman bags online store. Here are the 5 amazing bags every 18+ should own.

The Laptop/ Bagpack

The Laptop Bagpack-Laptop-Backpack-pdp_slider-Womens Fashion Bags Online Store india

The world is beautiful place don’t make it boring with dull laptop bags or ordinary backpacks. Time to check out this amazing backpack which holds your laptop and your fashion dignity really carefully.

The Elegance of White

The Elegance of White-Polyurethane-Handbag-Womens Fashion Bags Online Store india

Don’t dare become slurpy joe over this pretty white hand purse. It is only for the occasions where you can prove you can walk like a boss. It also has a detachable slinger so you can swirl around with it too just try and not fall on your butt.

The Potli for Family Parties

The Potli for Family Parties-Womens Fashion Bags Online Store india-MA_BA000002_ORG_large2

No you cannot just cannot enter the party full of bhuas and cha-chas in your distressed pair of jeans. It is gonna blow out your evening like seven ways of Sundays. Just put on pretty kurta and carry this potli purse to show them the girl they raised has more than one shade. Buy this beauty from BLING STATION’S designer bag online store.

The Daily Score

The Daily Score-Lifestyle-Beige-Sling-Bag-Womens Fashion Bags Online Store india

Since women have way too many things to keep in their daily use purse (It could have the lost city of Atlantis for all you know) it is a wise choice to go for a comfortably large and stylish one. This one seems to hit the mark with that.


Womens Fashion Bags Online Store india-LD_BA000157_PNK_J_large1

This could work as your work out essentials bag, make up keeper anything that only requires small space. Besides Jute bags are eco-friendly they are also stylish. There is no bigger swag than caring for nature and fashion all together. You can check out BLING STATION to score this woman bags online one now.