Fashion Colours – Colors of Fall 2016 in Outfits and Accessories

We at BlingStation, are finished with the fashion colors of fall 2016 design weeks moving from New York to London, Milan to Paris, every one of the style urban communities bringing about the ideal result and pushing forward its own particular vision over ladylike charm. What’s more, now time is ready to experience all the runway demonstrates divulged with the utmost attention to detail to recognize the real shades calling the tune and to draw out into the open the fall/winter 2016-2017 shading patterns, utilizing Pantone Color Institute’s style shading report as the base, additionally the various hues used by the style houses and creators.

Riverside, Airy Blue, Sharkskin, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar

#1: Riverside

The list of the fall/winter 2016 shading patterns is driven by Riverside, a cool and quieting blue that is actually stuck between genuine naval force blue and lively cobalt blue. It has some feeling of certainty and determination to it, yet raising most extreme energy, advancement and a dosage of puzzle inside us. To be more correct in the depiction, simply take any naval force or cobalt blue, blow some tobacco smoke on it and you will get what the Pantone Color Institute has created to call Riverside. It may be its certainty siring property or the element to work superbly well with near whatever other shade that has incredibly animated the dominant part of style architects to incorporate this cool shade in their fall/winter 2016 accumulations. It looks great with pairing of silver rings online at BlingStation.


#2: Airy Blue

The Blue administration was indubitably shaking all through all the four 2016 design weeks playing with all its conceivable shades and investigating every one of the parkways extending from cold blue to cobalt and naval force soul. In any case, it is Riverside together with Airy Blue bound to administer over other blue individuals. In the event that Riverside is more calculated at dependability and certainty, Airy Blue, the fall variant of Serenity (the triumphant shade of spring 2016 together with Rose Quartz) is to take anybody to an opportunity, peacefulness and weightlessness. Besides, makes impeccable combos with Riverside and interesting, new methodologies with Lush Meadow, Taupe or Dusty Cedar on the rundown.


#3: Sharkskin

Dark palette has dependably been in participation at fall/winter runway indicates year in year out, however it came as a moment of realization for us this time it is Sharkskin to work triumphantly everywhere whether with splendid or quieted shades, whether in ordinary life or on exceptional events. Through design houses utilizing this steady shade as a part of wealth we are currently chancing upon another excellent fall/winter 2016-2017 shading pattern to grasp our closets soon enough. Pair them with turquoise accessories.


#4: Aurora Red

The fall/winter 2016-2017, shading drifts from red shades extending from burgundy and carmine to blood red and red. In any case, credit it to Aurora Red to give no grass a chance to develop under feet coming as the fourth in vogue shade of the up and coming fall/winter seasons. This is intense Red with some exotic and warm hints, not all that strong as burgundy and not so dynamic as blood red, but rather wrapped with some strange dust. As indicated by Pantone’s Institute, this gets the allegorical blood of the palette pumping.


#5: Warm Taupe

The following steadiness and consolation radiating shading that has grasped the fall/winter runway demonstrates numerous a period and oft is unbiased Warm Taupe, portrayed by Pantone as trusted, natural and grounded and sufficiently receptive to be coordinated with each of the 9 hues on the rundown. In the event that it is about the fall season, then it shocks no one to see immortal trench coats in spades down the avenues and on the off chance that it is about trench coats, and then Warm Taupe is certain to be up slope and down dale.


#6: Dusty Cedar

We may escape by this warm and inviting shade of quieted pink that the Pantone Color Institute has called Dusty Cedar and which comes as one of the best fall/winter 2016-2017 shading patterns to warm the cockles of our souls. A significant number of us may in any case be under the unwinding impression of Rose Quartz grasping spring 2016 that will be cleaned a smidgen come the fall season and turn out as another relax shade of Dusty Cedar that numerous style originators have captivated with. Buy contrasting colorful jewelry online at BlingStation.



Some fashion trends never die. Women just can’t get rid of them because they are evergreen and look fashionable and trendy no matter how many decades old the trend is! These trends will be needed today and even tomorrow in the fashion world.


1. Jeans

This was first used by cowboys and miners and became extremely popular in the 1950’s. Time added a little touch of variation and gave us the skinny, slim, flare and boot cut jeans! The most popular ones are the skinny and straight line jeans because you can show off your shape and shoes unlike in bell bottom and flare jeans. Wear them with fabric handbags and you have landed yourself in the most BOHO chick 2016 style fever. Buy them at Bling Station.


2. Little Black Dress (LBD)


Personally I love little black dresses and are my all time favorite. It suits everyone and is perfect for almost every occasion. Just put on a little black dress and mute it on the ornaments and get a perfect elegant look. Pair them with Bling station’s amazing silver rings and be the talk of the evening.


3. White tee

White t-shirt is the best timeless fashion trend as you can never get tired of wearing it and feels like a not-so-fashionable person! It’s always so comfortable and no matter what the season is, a white tee or white tee with an add-on is always trendy for the season. Want to just look simple? Just throw on a white top and simple pair of jeans.


4. Prints

I don’t think printed tops or bottoms can ever go out of fashion. Animal prints like tiger or cheetah print and floral prints are just amazing and evergreen. Why just have printed tops and bottoms? Add prints in your footwear and bags and get a different look every time you pair it with something!

5. Florals

5.Floral-Print-Dresses-For-Spring-Summer-PICK ON SOME EVERGREEN TRENDS

Undoubtedly, we saw a lot of florals on the runway this season. But florals have always been there. An embodiment of spring, with its pretty flowers and earthy hues, this natural, blooming affair perseveres. When worn with beaded bracelets in hue colors they stand out every single time. Check them out at Bling Station.


6. Gingham

Again, a design that had a stint at the Spring/Summer ’15 Fashion Week, but had never really left our wardrobe. Gingham is one of those cute, geometrical designs (the other being polka) that will forever be associated with an airy and light-hearted look. The iconic blue, gingham dress that Judy Garland wore in the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz” as Dorothy, remains the nostalgic inspiration.


7. Fringe

Fringes remind us of the Wild West cowboys, the cinematically romanticized characters that symbolized freedom and adventures. This bohemian quality associated with the trend is loved by everyone, and can still be noticed in fashion, from the extravagant to regular old stuff like scarves. Because hippies may not be around, like during the 60’s, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any now.


8. Stripes


Some say Zebra, I say nautical. A striped design, especially on tops for men and women alike, is a testament to its never-go-out-of-style nature. And something about its clean cut, straight shape that evokes memories of the sea, is pleasing to the eyes.


9. Polka

An evergreen motif, polka dot was one of the strongest trends this season on the runway as well as on the red carpet influenced polka and carnations designs. And we have actually never heard anyone say that polka dots are ugly.


10. Military Green

The military green and its camouflage design may not seem like a “hot” trend but it endures. To pair it with something feminine or just to wear a trend that is different and cool, but not over-displayed by everyone.

Six Looks to Go for – FOR A CHANGE

Bling station is here again with the edgy fashion commandment. We believe in change and we know so do you. Every once in a while we want to do something edgy with our look. Don’t sweat so much anymore about it. We bring on the silver platter six new looks you can go for if you are bored of your daily appearance. They are edgy, funky and totally in fashion zone. So take a sneak peak at the new future you with Bling Station.


1. Pop up with Accessories

1.Pop up with Accessories-Dolly-Singh-Spill-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

Long skirts, funky shirt and that head band dominated it to be the number one on our list. I mean what’s not to love. It is hardly seen that such abundant bursts of color make a really good fashion choice. This pretty number ends right below your calves and the pleats add volume to your lower body. Pick something like this if you’ve got a narrow frame and would like to add the illusion of curves. Pick a fitted top to go with it (as opposed to a boxy one). You can get the custom jewellery online at Bling Station.


2. The Black of it

2.The Black of it-Tomoko-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

Got athletic legs and would like to flaunt ‘em? A shorter hemline is your best bet to opt for a change without over looking your perfect areas. While body con skirts are very hot this season, a more A-line silhouette makes your legs look slimmer (yes, really!). Women with a straight body frame can pair these skirts with fitted tops. Don’t forget that minimalist look and that fabric handbag. It really makes up the most of your appearance. Go by the instinct on this one as it is a safer play with the color Black.


3. Pleat me up

3.Pleat me up-Neha-CORD-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

A skirt that ends right at your knees is great for women who don’t want to flaunt too much thigh. Carrying post-festive cellulite on your upper legs? Make sure the skirt isn’t too fitted. This pleated, A-line skirt is just perfect to conceal those problem areas. Besides pairing a kurti size top with the official school girl skirt is the dangerous zone you were wishing for. Get the matching colors on both the clothes and try to keep accessories on the contrast too. You don’t want to be playing with fire here.


4. Flowers in Spring

4.Flowers in Spring-Shreya-Kalra-For-The-Six looks to go for a change-Love-Of-Fashion-and-Other-Things-333x500

This high-waist skirt accentuates a slim wait. The silhouette complements a curvy figure. Moreover, since it doesn’t really hug on to your body from under the waist belt, it conceals any signs of muffin tops *wink*. Besides it is obviously the first choice of woman who want to experiment staying on the safer side of the fashion book. You can buy silver jewellery along with it to match the flower pattern of the crop top.


5. Go With The Print

5.Go With The Print-Amrita-Kartikaye-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

A flowy, floor-grazing skirt is perfect for summer. You can pair it with your tee shirts and crop tops and also give it a twist by pairing it with your choli tops. What’s great about this skirt is that it complements almost every body type.


6. Best of both worlds

6.Best of both worlds-Dhwani-stylist-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

This layered net skirt ends right above your knees and makes for a great casual option. When paired with tees and plimsolls, it adds a touch of sporty chic. It can also be dressed up with heels and a fitted top.

Handbags and Clutches Bags

We have a bittersweet relationship with the bags. Although we love them and want all of them but when it comes to stuffing stuff into it we have layers of crap placed in there since ages. For all we know it could have the lost city of Atlantis. While we were telling you all about trends and fashion happening over town in 2016 let us give you a brief pro-quo about the bags and clutches we saw on a fashion trip. We saw these bags and they are ground breaking breath taking IT of the year. While you are still procrastinating to manage the contents of your bag these super cute chick hang ons will make you go organized from nay to Yay. Let’s get started…

1. Plush Pink backpack

1.Plush Pink backpack-BAGS AND MORE

You are never too old to carry plush plink backpack. Although it may not have those cute Cinderella drawings all over it but this cute baggy will certainly win over your heart. It is also large in space and totally be used in daily Hoch poch routine.

2. Cowbiy Fringe

2. Cowbiy Fringe-BAGS AND MORE

No it is not just for tomboys and boho chicks. I swear I saw office workers carrying it around for a fresh look. The world is changing fashion faster than the weather. You better keep up Girl…

3. Wow ME!


Remember those cute little Tiffin box you used to take as kids. Well they are hand purses now. So find your WOW or some other edgy quote and flash it around town like a BOSS.

4. Pout for me?

4. Pout for me-BAGS AND MORE

So much for designer handbags eh? Well if you get trolled for making a pout for selfies troll back with this pouty red clutch. Take a bold risk why don’t you? I mean you don’t have anything to lose while you might just create some ghastly jealous turnaround from other girls. Bling Station is a pro to make you a fashion leader. Trust us if you are into edgy fashion and make over.

5. Bead me Pearl


Beaded clutches might not be new but they haven’t left town at all. Seems like George Clooney to me, ageing like fine bottle of expensive wine. But this one particular beaded clutch is on discount at Bling Station. SShhhh very limited collection so grab one fast.

6. Girl gotta have a DIAMOND

6. Girl gotta have a DIAMOND-BAGS AND MORE

We girls can’t do without a diamond in our kitty. So why not have a diamond kitty. Time to experiment with few shapes, my personal favorite is a cupcake bag. While the world is drooling over the things you got them in the bag oops they are your bag.

7. Jhola UP


Don’t you dare under estimate the power of a good fabric Jhola bag!! They are best friends with Mother Nature, can carry a house full of puppies and are gonna live long enough to see your grand children take them to school. While all is said and done, a Jhola bag is also very chick and in fashion. They are the new BOHO look of town and they are winning overseas too. You owe it to fashion and Mother Nature to have one in your collection. Try bling station for sexy colors and designs. They are the online fashion hub of modern woman.


Its exam season at the moment and every whiz kid is busy trying to score the highest grades (some are busier trying to get on their professors’ nerves). But whether you’re cooped up at home trying to mug every last piece of information in the syllabus or simply taking it easy and bunking tuitions, looking good should be top priority. Yes, dressing well (as opposed to lounging in day 2 hair and unwashed PJs) can lift your spirits and be a source of cheer when exam stress takes over. Moreover, a regular day in college isn’t complete without making heads turn, is it? So we’ve put together 5 easy-to-carry-off yet chic looks to keep you going!


1. The Instant Casual To Glam

1.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

As demonstrated by the picture it is easy to switch from a casual look for classes to a more glamorous one for an after-college party. With minimal make-up and the right accessories you are bound to rock the exam the after party. Try Bling Station to buy amazing women bags online.

2. The Comfort Seeker

2.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

Yes, when you’re on your toes all day running from one almost-missed class to another, this outfit (complete with comfy flats) will be your life-saver. The nude flats and a wing eye liner shows you the works of a perfectionist.

3. The Spin On Biker Chic

3.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

You don’t have to be a model to carry off this super chic look (Just smile right like Selena Gomez as she recently rocked a similar outfit!). All you need is a whole lotta attitude and an awesome eye wear.

4. The LBD Queen

4.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

While this outfit might be a tad bit too much for college or even tuitions, you can always keep this look handy for a night out. Because who needs a reason to celebrate, right? Check out Bling Station’s women bag online store collection for some amazing bags for your long night party outs.

5. The Girly Girl’s Dream

5.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

No apologies to be a little girly because there is a little Anne Hathaway in all of us we just are too shy to show it on. The look-book shows us how to do girly girl right with this blazer and pretty mint dress. A little makeup and a classy bag screams college trendsetter.