Nose Rings to Bling your Bridal Look!

Nose rings have always been a stunning jewelry for woman which gives them a distinctive look instantly. Also for all those who have been waiting to pierce their nose there is good news for you! Now you can choose from these adorable and fashionable nose rings for your wedding day. Pick the right one this time and look gorgeous on any occasion. The most common type of nose ring worn by girls nowadays is the segment ring. They are basically plain rings and are available in different colors.

Peep in the different nose rings, and pick the right one;


Nathanis are a spunk kind of jewelry and shapes in like a cashew nut and it is well carried on the face with the pointed nose. These look very charming if worn with the bridal lehanga with the same stud color stones on the nath.

Embellished chainsimage006

These embellished chains look alluring on any woman wearing it, also gives a distinctive look to your attire and  the chains running horizontally along the face creates a heavy look. Generally Punjabi brides prefer such nose rings!

Large Nathsimage008

Large nath also looks fascinating on Indian brides, this look best for the woman with the heart shape. It gets extended till your hair and then gets hooked. Pick the nice one for yourself.

Nose Studsimage010

This simple nose stud also looks good on a bride who wants to dress up simple with light makeup. This look mind boggling and makes you a simple yet a classy bride.

Segment ringimage012

Segment rings also looks dashing on any bride for her wedding day, these are especially for bride who do not want to overdo it and keep it simple while dangling this segment ring. This also looks pleasing!


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