Super Quirky Summer Looks 2016

We’re at the crest of summer and the greater part of us are in a quandary – what do we look like stylish in the oppressive warmth? From shrewd checks and shimmery fabrics to dainty florals, summer is about feeling and looking cool. Bling station as of late propelled its selective gathering of easily chic dresses that are absolutely overwhelming and we’ve rattled off our top picks to add appeal to each event a late spring.


1. Sparkle Glimmer!


Unique events require a touch of sparkle and by “bit” we mean excessively much! Pick a brush off dress for a night out on the off chance that you have conditioned shoulders that can hardly wait to be flaunted. Pair it with black pumps and an adorable Clutch for the ideal head-turner! Buy evening clutch online at Bling station.


2. Check Mate!

High contrast is age-old works of art and checks are verging on each young lady’s top choice. Make a cool new expansion to your closet with a super adorable skater dress. Parade an indication of your midriff with the little cut-out waist! Wear a pearl necklace by bling station for a quirky day at bay.


3. White a Major Trend!

Definitely! White dresses can be worn all around and combined with verging on each shade. Match a perfect white cut out dress with shut pumps and basic silver extras and you’ll be prepared for an extraordinary date! Buy silver accessories online at Bling station.


4. Blossom Power

Whether you’re an enthusiast of little daisies or tremendous roses on your dress, flower prints are dependably the right alternative for summer! Venture out in an agreeable, easygoing yet-girly dress for social gatherings with your young lady squad. Group it up with smooth hoops or an essential neckpiece and you are ready!


5. Can’t turn out badly with Black!

sexy-black-lace-dresses-SUPER QUIRKY SUMMER LOOKS 2016

There is next to nothing that a black dress can do off-base! Add a provocative slice out to it and you’re magnificent! The Little black dress has been the conspicuous decision for most ladies ever. Grasp a great Audrey Hepburn style dress and match it with negligible brilliant extras for your next formal social gathering!


6. Chevron to the salvage

Chevron is an enormous hit a season and has been seen on the inclines of all the huge creators. Group a really number with chic shades and a tasteful black pack for a high tea date with your bestie. The cut outs as an afterthought give an outfit a decent edge.


Revive your closet with Bling station suggestions, with this astonishing accumulation of you can’t-survive this summer. For more accessories to match the summer hue visit our Bling station website. We are the fashion hub and serious trend followers. If there is something up and high in the market, you will always find it in our collection.


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