There’s nothing as handy because the humble balm – typically underrated as a beauty product however extremely economical once it involves a spread of skin-related disorders. And once your lips balm is created of natural ingredients, it provides you freedom from roughened lips each season. Secret here is you’ll be able to conjointly double up that stick as a makeup essential; it’s a win-win scenario. Here, we have a tendency to list out some wonderful ways in which to use your balm except moisturizing that beautiful pucker!!

 ONE BALM SEVEN SURPRISES-Rimmel London Keep Calm Lip Balm

1. Eye Spy!

Did you recognize your balm will work wonders for your under-eye area? It deeply moisturizes the tender skin around your eyes and you’ll be able to apply it at nighttime to awaken to bright, non-puffy eyes. If you forgot to do it at night and wake up with puffy eyes wear shinny earrings to draw the attention to your ears and neck. It’s called make-up dupe. Buy earrings online at Bling Station.


2. Shadow Shimmer

A great thanks to incorporate your balm into your makeup routine is to use it as an eye fixed shadow, particularly if it’s slightly color tinted. It leaves a good shine on your eyelids and is that the excellent partner for that LBD.


3. Dampen Away


Lip balms area unit nice moisturizers. They’ll be employed in place of a daily moisturizer on little areas like your elbows (which tend to remain dry during the year) and your knuckles. Therefore after you area unit feeling rough throughout the day and don’t have your lotion as a partner you recognize what to try to.


4. Cheeky Boo

If you have got a tinted balm (in hues of red and pink), use it as a cheek stain to feature a touch of color to your face and provides you a recent, dewy look. You can also wear silver jewellery to glow up that look. Buy silver jewellery online at bling station.


5. Lippie Love

If you wanting to feature a small little bit of shine to your matte lipstick (but not build it terribly glossy), a balm is that the excellent go-to product. Use it over your favorite matte lip shade for a power tool, softer pout, with a touch of shine.


6. Prime Time

Lip balms may be used simply before applying lipstick as a primer for soft, luscious lips that helps your lipstick glide over swimmingly. It fills within the cracks on your lips and creates a fair surface for consecutive product (lipstick) to hit your lips.

8. Jewelry Polish


Yes if your accessories have lost that new shine that they came with you can rub a little colorless lip balm over them to give those gems a little shine. It doesn’t work for long duration but a head saved in nick of time is the life changing trick. You can buy good quality bejeweled accessories from station. Their pendants online collection is to die for and the they look new every time you wear them.


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