Haven’t you ever come across someone who smelled so good all the time that you wondered what their secret was?! Who wouldn’t want to smell like they bathe with flower petals every single time? Of course, showering often is a no-brainer, but there are some hacks that these impeccably smelling people have certainly mastered. Bling Station will reveal a few things that people who smell good ALWAYS do. Read on to smell great ALL the time…


1. Don’t have dry skin1.SMELL LIKE ROSES

Staying hydrated is utterly important for your general health as well as for keeping your skin moisturized. Dry skin dissipates perfume much more easily and quells its long-lasting power. Fragrances smell better on moisturized skin and stay on for way longer. Great and skin great smell, to look great too buy designer pendants from Bling Station.


2. Spritz their sheets

Sprit zings your pillows and sheets are must-try hack, which allows a scent to envelope you while you sleep. Obviously, you don’t want to use something overpowering that will irritate you at night – just something mild and pleasant.


3. Pay attention to their detergent and clothes

Sure, your clothes get washed with Tide or Surf Excel, which is completely fine. But you may want to pay better attention! There are plenty of higher-end detergents and fabric softeners available today that are influenced by the fine-fragrance market. You may want to invest in one that will definitely leave your wardrobe and you feeling ultra-fresh. Bling station’s fashion blog will let you know more about fabrics.


4. What you eat affects your body’s natural odor

It’s important to pay close attention to what you put into your body if you want to smell good. Our Indian food is full of spice; onions and garlic – which taste good, sure, but seriously aren’t doing our natural odors any favors. What you eat can show through your pores for updo 48 hours after your meal. Also, what you eat can also affect how effective a perfume is on your skin. The thought of being smelly is motivation enough to up our intake of fresh fruits, veggies, and proteins to keep the body smelling fresh. Alcohol can also have adverse effects on our natural odors, so you may want to swap that cocktail for a green juice!


5. Practice layering their fragrances

There’s a reason why you get lotions, soaps, and shower gels in your favorite fragrances. Use them all to build up the scent and help it linger for much longer on your skin. You can even experiment with layering different scents that have a few common ingredients.


6. Be always prepared

Carry a sugarless gum in your purse at all times to fight bad breath as well as a travel-sized roller ball perfume for instant freshness when you’re on the go. Invest in dry shampoo and hair perfume to keep your locks smelling great even if you haven’t washed them.


7. Spray smart


You’ve probably never really put much thought into where to spray your perfume, but you really should! Go beyond the wrists and keep focused on your hot spots or pulse points – these are areas of your body that are the warmest. Apart from your wrists, the inside of the elbows, the back of your knees, the ankles and calves, below the midriff and the neck are some areas where you should spray your perfume.


8. Know when to spray

Spraying all those spots probably sounds like a lot of perfume, right? The trick is to spray about half an hour before you step out of the house and from about a foot away to help it settle. Also, re-applying your perfume through the day is a must.


9. Pick right perfumes

A whiff from the bottle isn’t the right way to decide if you should buy the perfume. Each scent can smell differently from person to person.


10. Go beyond the skin

It’s not just about making yourself smell good, but also about the atmosphere around you. Keep perfumed sachets in your wardrobe and drawers.

Once you master the fragrance art, look great too with Bling station’s designer jewelry online.


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