Six Looks to Go for – FOR A CHANGE

Bling station is here again with the edgy fashion commandment. We believe in change and we know so do you. Every once in a while we want to do something edgy with our look. Don’t sweat so much anymore about it. We bring on the silver platter six new looks you can go for if you are bored of your daily appearance. They are edgy, funky and totally in fashion zone. So take a sneak peak at the new future you with Bling Station.


1. Pop up with Accessories

1.Pop up with Accessories-Dolly-Singh-Spill-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

Long skirts, funky shirt and that head band dominated it to be the number one on our list. I mean what’s not to love. It is hardly seen that such abundant bursts of color make a really good fashion choice. This pretty number ends right below your calves and the pleats add volume to your lower body. Pick something like this if you’ve got a narrow frame and would like to add the illusion of curves. Pick a fitted top to go with it (as opposed to a boxy one). You can get the custom jewellery online at Bling Station.


2. The Black of it

2.The Black of it-Tomoko-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

Got athletic legs and would like to flaunt ‘em? A shorter hemline is your best bet to opt for a change without over looking your perfect areas. While body con skirts are very hot this season, a more A-line silhouette makes your legs look slimmer (yes, really!). Women with a straight body frame can pair these skirts with fitted tops. Don’t forget that minimalist look and that fabric handbag. It really makes up the most of your appearance. Go by the instinct on this one as it is a safer play with the color Black.


3. Pleat me up

3.Pleat me up-Neha-CORD-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

A skirt that ends right at your knees is great for women who don’t want to flaunt too much thigh. Carrying post-festive cellulite on your upper legs? Make sure the skirt isn’t too fitted. This pleated, A-line skirt is just perfect to conceal those problem areas. Besides pairing a kurti size top with the official school girl skirt is the dangerous zone you were wishing for. Get the matching colors on both the clothes and try to keep accessories on the contrast too. You don’t want to be playing with fire here.


4. Flowers in Spring

4.Flowers in Spring-Shreya-Kalra-For-The-Six looks to go for a change-Love-Of-Fashion-and-Other-Things-333x500

This high-waist skirt accentuates a slim wait. The silhouette complements a curvy figure. Moreover, since it doesn’t really hug on to your body from under the waist belt, it conceals any signs of muffin tops *wink*. Besides it is obviously the first choice of woman who want to experiment staying on the safer side of the fashion book. You can buy silver jewellery along with it to match the flower pattern of the crop top.


5. Go With The Print

5.Go With The Print-Amrita-Kartikaye-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

A flowy, floor-grazing skirt is perfect for summer. You can pair it with your tee shirts and crop tops and also give it a twist by pairing it with your choli tops. What’s great about this skirt is that it complements almost every body type.


6. Best of both worlds

6.Best of both worlds-Dhwani-stylist-Six looks to go for a change-333x500

This layered net skirt ends right above your knees and makes for a great casual option. When paired with tees and plimsolls, it adds a touch of sporty chic. It can also be dressed up with heels and a fitted top.


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