Its exam season at the moment and every whiz kid is busy trying to score the highest grades (some are busier trying to get on their professors’ nerves). But whether you’re cooped up at home trying to mug every last piece of information in the syllabus or simply taking it easy and bunking tuitions, looking good should be top priority. Yes, dressing well (as opposed to lounging in day 2 hair and unwashed PJs) can lift your spirits and be a source of cheer when exam stress takes over. Moreover, a regular day in college isn’t complete without making heads turn, is it? So we’ve put together 5 easy-to-carry-off yet chic looks to keep you going!


1. The Instant Casual To Glam

1.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

As demonstrated by the picture it is easy to switch from a casual look for classes to a more glamorous one for an after-college party. With minimal make-up and the right accessories you are bound to rock the exam the after party. Try Bling Station to buy amazing women bags online.

2. The Comfort Seeker

2.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

Yes, when you’re on your toes all day running from one almost-missed class to another, this outfit (complete with comfy flats) will be your life-saver. The nude flats and a wing eye liner shows you the works of a perfectionist.

3. The Spin On Biker Chic

3.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

You don’t have to be a model to carry off this super chic look (Just smile right like Selena Gomez as she recently rocked a similar outfit!). All you need is a whole lotta attitude and an awesome eye wear.

4. The LBD Queen

4.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

While this outfit might be a tad bit too much for college or even tuitions, you can always keep this look handy for a night out. Because who needs a reason to celebrate, right? Check out Bling Station’s women bag online store collection for some amazing bags for your long night party outs.

5. The Girly Girl’s Dream

5.LOOK-BOOK FOR 18 Plus GIRLS-cute-outfits-for-college

No apologies to be a little girly because there is a little Anne Hathaway in all of us we just are too shy to show it on. The look-book shows us how to do girly girl right with this blazer and pretty mint dress. A little makeup and a classy bag screams college trendsetter.



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