When we think summer, we imagine ice creams, cute dresses, diving into the swimming pool and experimenting with our sunglass style. Who wants to worry about sweat, clogged pores and zits?! But we girls born with oily skin have to pay attention to all this and more. Scientists say that oily skin ages more slowly – fingers crossed! – But it’s also more prone to brown spots, open pores and (curse them!) pimples. That’s why we’ve to put together this handy little regimen so that you have great skin – all summer!

1. Start with cleansing

Clean but be careful to not over-cleanse. You don’t want to strip the skin surface of all oil – it only gets you into a cycle of more and more oily secretions. A light, oil-based cleanser is highly recommended, it’s counter-intuitive but it works. Regardless, choose a non-alcoholic, super-mild cleanser to gently wipe your face twice a day.

2. Know your skin type

So you know you have oily skin, but in what proportion? Identify areas – like your T-zone – that are oilier than others. I have combination skin – oily on the cheeks and chin but dry on the nose! A mild moisturizer, which gets absorbed very quickly and doesn’t leave behind a sticky layer so the skin feels light all throughout the day is a win, win!

3. Revive at night

This is one of the cardinal rules of caring for oily skin – remove your makeup at night! In fact, we’d say cleanse your face as soon as you step into the house so that your skin can breathe. Just imagine how fresh that feels!

4. Seek shade

Seek shade-BEWARE OF OILY SKIN THIS SUMMER-internal-summer-care-for-oily-skin

Carry an umbrella or scarf with you when you step out of the house. The harsh sun can actually increase the brown spots and skin discoloration (the horror!). But before you go out, always apply a light layer of Moisturizer with SPF 15. It protects you from the sun’s damaging (and ageing!) UV rays.

5. Keep an eye on your eyes

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest. That’s why it’s the first place to show up sun damage and wrinkles. When you cleanse your face, make sure to wipe the eyelids and under eye area with a firm but gentle hand. When moisturizing, make sure you use a good eye cream and follow it up with sunscreen around the eyes. Why invite wrinkles when you have no reason to!

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