Silver Jewelry has taken a toll in India. It is like a wedded bride who is new to the house but is meant to stay forever. But with the day to busy lifestyle you don’t have to burn those extra hours in stores and waste your energy and fuel. Silver jewelry online websites are the new lifesavers.

More than 100 choices in one category and 50 categories of accessories, new arrivals every week and customized by experienced hands and creative minds you will find in Bling Station. It is rated as most reliable and best service provider by users.


Bling Station deals in the vast array of jewelry. They make it a priority to meet the varied demands of the clients by maintaining a supply of diverse kinds of silver jewellery. They offer a wide array of products in various products like necklaces, earrings, anklets, pendants, rings, bracelets and the likes.

They constantly strive to help patrons build a competitive edge in the market. For this purpose, they provide them with the option of Product Customization. The interested clients can send them the jewelry designs of their choice and they take it upon themselves to complete the task of breathing life into those designs. With the use of certified 92.5 sterling silver and semi precious stones, they remain consistent in being at par with their own high standards of quality.


Spice up your office shirts with silver necklace; bring glamour to your evening events with the wide range of stylish earrings, cuffs and bracelets all in soothing silver. If you are meeting someone for the first time you must check our antique look ring collection. Fashion is something that is offered to you four times a year but your wardrobe collection defines the real you.

So complete your accessory collection without wasting any time, as to contrary what is said we believe “The more you wait, the more you miss”. It’s time to direct your fingers to the browser and hit BLINGSTATION.

No one trusts an empty jar to feed the lust of cookie temptation. So we won’t just win you over with our words. The longest hit American series “Pretty Little Liars” famous for its famous fashion quota will give us a helping hand in convincing you instead. You can buy silver jewelry online worn by these pretty stars at Bling Station.

1. The Grandest of all Alison

1.The Grandest of all Alison-PRETTY LITTLE LIARS STARS IN SILVER SWOON-ali-circle-necklace

Dressed in this exquisite one piece, she looks effortlessly ravishing! The beautiful printed dress makes us go WOW! The asymmetric denim combo makes her look like a glorious star. We love the clean updo and that rock star silver necklace she has adorned!

2. Evergreen Gorgeousness Aria


Aria decided to wear this out of the book spiker silver earrings. Her radiant face and that cuteness along with her outfit choices make us wonder: how she does this to us every.single.time? How does she captivate us with every pose of hers? Aria, you stunner!

3. Hanna The Glam Queen!


We have every necklace that she wore in all the six seasons. Look at that cutesy grey t-shirt and those shiny sequined chain. She wore this in the day with some light make up and that pretty smile. That necklace with that leather jacket is winning us over. Way to go, H!

4. Jenna Fierce And Fearless!

4.Jenna Fierce And Fearless-necklace-PRETTY LITTLE LIARS STARS IN SILVER SWOON

The gradually falling intense lip color, the immaculately curled hair, the dark nail paint and that pendant necklace with that attitude. You’ve got us stumped, my dear. The bad-ass jacket with full neck t-shirt and that pendant necklaces gives your look so much grandeur and we cannot stop staring at the smirk. How do you manage to look so captivating Jenna?

5. Rock the Chick Look Like Aria


While stepping out for yet another totally girly wedding Aria added her own mystic gothic touch to it. She wore an elegant pastel color dress with pink skull. She gives us inspiration for our next outfit, doesn’t she? That party pleasure skull pendant is something we’d all love to borrow! Keep this coming, Aria; we have our eyes enviously glued on you!


We won’t tease you anymore with her beaded bracelets collections. Because we have got them stocked for in BLING STATION’S beaded bracelets online store collection.


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