Make-Over Hairstyles for Every Face Kind

Faces come in different shapes and sizes. There are round faces, oval ones, squares and diamonds as well. That does not mean one shape is better than the other, it just means there are different types of hairstyles that suit different face types. While one hairstyle can frame your face and give it definition where it needs it most, others can completely ruin your look by accentuating the features you’d want to hide. We at Bling Station believe in over all fashion development of modern day woman. Hence we spotted 7 hairstyles on 7 real women that you can adapt for your type of face shape right away.


Bang Pao!

1.Bang Pao-Make-Over Hairstyles for Every Face Kind-hairstyles-for-different-face-shapes

The fringes haircut (also known as bangs) tied into two pigtails (or, in this case, two buns) works well for round faces. While the pigtails add the illusion of height to your face, the multiple layers in this haircut frame your face to make it appear slimmer. It also is best way to go to create a Boho look, if you are aiming for it. You can pair your outfit and this hairstyle with beaded anklet and you are all set to throw a PHOEBE from Friends out there. You can buy designer anklets from Bling Station.


Hun-ey Don’t Go

2.Hun-ey Don’t Go-Make-Over Hairstyles for Every Face Kind-hairstyles-for-different-face-shapes

The half bun or what is better known as the hun is a half-up, half-down Samurai-inspired hairstyle that has gained popularity this year. It keeps the hair out of your face and also gives you a very chic makeover. Wear this style if you’ve got a square face with soft features.


Sidey Business

3.Sidey Business-Make-Over Hairstyles for Every Face Kind-hairstyles-for-different-face-shapes-Kavya-Trehan

The side braid makes even a drab outfit stand out. Pick this style if you have an oval face shape. While ovals go with most hairstyles, the braid highlights your slim face. Add chutzpah to a plain braid with hair accessories. Braids and pendants go line in line. Buy pendants online only at Bling Station if you want to stay ahead on the accessory game with this hairstyle.


Poker Straight

4.Poker Straight-Make-Over Hairstyles for Every Face Kind-hairstyles-for-different-face-shapes

Keep your hair long, straight and open if you have a round face. Long, straight hair makes a round face look longer and also frames the sides of your face (if there are layers in your hair).


Shine with Highlights

5.Shine with Highlights-Make-Over Hairstyles for Every Face Kind-hairstyles-for-different-face-shapes

Women with diamond-shaped faces should go for haircuts that end right below their jaw line and styles that fall right along the frame of their faces. A side parting makes our face look less angular. You can get highlights for a more spontaneous look. Caramel highlights on dark hair looks like rainbow in a sunny day. You can consult your hairstylist more about the highlight color.


 The Pixie

6.The Pixie-Make-Over Hairstyles for Every Face Kind-hairstyles-for-different-face-shapes

A Pixie-style haircut is very easy to maintain and is completely fuss-free. Extremely short, the pixie suits women with oval faces and soft features. A layered pixie adds volume to your mane. Extra relief in the summer when the sun is out to damp your hair with those long locks. Besides pixie made its debut on red carpet a lot in 2016.


The Milkmaid Braid

7.The Milkmaid Braid-Make-Over Hairstyles for Every Face Kind-hairstyles-for-different-face-shapes

The milkmaid braid is another hairstyle that goes perfectly with diamond-shaped faces. It softens a strong jaw line (when made as a messy braid) and adds a great deal of cool to your look. Dress it up with hair accessories for a night out.


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