Five must haves for the Newly Married Woman…

The perks of being a newly married person is that you get a lot of party invites from friends and extended families who wants to have a good time with the new couple in town. Even the spontaneous dates you feel like having on your “Honeymoon period” are going to be an essential part of your life for a while. All this happening nights are going to be a big headache if you don’t have your essentials packed for the 5 minutes get ready time. Here is the list of 5 most important thing you should have in your little mini all time bag:-

1. A mini make up kit

A mini make up kit-Five must haves for the Newly Married Woman

You don’t have to go over the board with this one. Just the mini essentials like a bright lipstick that suits your skin tone as bright colors instantly lighten up your face. Some other essentials like Wet wipes, blush, brush, eye liner and a small perfume bottle. You will be glad you took this advice… No kidding.

2. A good Hair Brooch

A good Hair Brooch-Five must haves for the Newly Married Woman

Learn the simplest DIY bum hair style from you tube videos and then put an elegant brooch to save yourself from the last minute flat ion routine. It is going to make good on your hair health and surely will land up few compliments.

3. A savvy pair of heels

A savvy pair of heels-Five must haves for the Newly Married Woman-Fashion-Women-Pumps-Strange-Heel-Bridal-Wedding-Party-Shoes-Pointed-Toe-Pink-Banquet-Dress-Shoes-Satin

You will probably be doing a complete mall hunt down before your marriage. Don’t forget to find yourself the perfect pair of nude color heels with a little bling on it. Even your footwear should tell the world about your happy mood.

4. The perfect statement pendant

The perfect statement pendant-Online Shoopping Store India-Pendants-Five must haves for the Newly Married Woman-NP_PE000087_TEL_large1

Owning statement jewelry can go a long way in making your perfect date look. They speak louder than diamonds as they represent your style and minimalist mode you are on to. You can buy pendants online at Bling Station. They are the online fashion jewelry hub and there designer pendants online collection is to die for.

5. A good dry shampoo

A good dry shampoo-Five must haves for the Newly Married Woman-Hair

If you don’t want your lazy mornings to ruin your spontaneous date night you are going to invest into this one. Dry shampoos are like sprays you have to put them in roots and massage with your fingers. They soak up all the greasiness and dirt and leave your hair bouncy and clean. They are easily available online in India.


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