Wrap your wrists this winter with Fashion Bangles

Foggy Mornings, Hot coco, warm beds all are the signs of the new white season winters. When you are pulling out your woolens this year don’t forget to wrap up your wrist. I know going covered this pinky fingers is all you have planned but putting on some bracelets is the new winter trend. Here are some bracelets styles for your everyday and party winter routines.

Hi-STYLE Office Sweater

Hi-STYLE Office Sweater-Online Shopping Store India


You are going to roll up your sleeves and show your bare wrist. Make them bling with these designer fashion bangles and bracelets.

Braided Bracelets for Weaved Sweaters

amazing-beauty-black-bracelets Braided Bracelets for Weaved Sweaters Online Shopping Store India

When you braiding your hair in some cool hairstyles you shouldn’t forget to braid your wrist too. These elegant braided bangles give you a classy look and standardize your fashion quota.

Pump it Up with Junk

bracelets-fashion-girl-knit-sweater-Pump it Up with Junk-Online Shopping Store India

This one is for all college going girls who are ready to show their hip style. All you have to do is buy a generous amount of same color bangles and bracelets. Some should be charmed some breaded. Then just wear them all together and give your sweater a one fold. When you are stacked up with fashion compliments you can tell them about your fashion guru. If you are too lazy to search for these fashion bracelets then just surf onto BLING STATION, it is an online hub for fashion accessories.

Lazy Sunday Outings

Lazy Sunday Outings Online Shopping Store India

Yes, we go out to move away from our monotonous schedule but it doesn’t mean you can’t style up your attire with little effort. Put on few thin bracelets on your hands. You will appear like your mood totally cool and ready to rock. All this gain with no pain, you get to hear that anymore.

Indo Western

Indo Western-sweater-winter-knitted-knitwear-sweater-grey-winter+outfits-jewels-jewelry-silver-bracelets-boho+chic-jewels-hippie-hippie+chic-hipp-online shopping store india

If you are one of those who like to play it on edge then this is the perfect mix for you. Put on some silver on your wrist with your baggy sweater. You are all set to rock the Indo-Western look.

Start your winters with these sweater hacks and be the show girl of your group. It is not every day that you become a trend starter and rank on top in fashion charts. Don’t forget to surf on BLING STATION for latest fashion bangles online shopping. Save your time by shopping online and stay warm in your bed with its home delivery option.


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