5 ways to Wear a Skirt with a Twist

If you are in love with skirts but are in a conundrum to how to make them look different and fabulous for everyday and different occasions then you have got to stick it right till the end to grasp the different styles I am going to teach you. So, the next time you put out a skirt from your wardrobe you will exactly how to wear it.

Indo-Western Super Comfortable Look

Indo-Western Super Comfortable Look Online Shoping Store India

Go to your Indian Section get an awesome full length long skirt and pair it with your formal blouse. Make sure you are taking the right contrasting colors. You are all set for a bang on office look and a hundred compliments.

Scarf that Skater Skirt

Scarf that Skater Skirt Online Shopping Store India


Since skater skirts are high on fashion we all bought one. So why waste good money by keeping it stocked in the closet. Put a belt, put a scarf add some metal bangles and you are all set to pull off the official look with not so official skirt. You can buy the scarf and belt online to save time. Try BLING STATION to do latest designer metal bangles online shopping.

Be a Regular Next door Girl with Velvet skirt

Be a Regular Next door Girl with Velvet skirt-Women-font-b-Skirts-b-font-Spring-Summer-Neon-Green-Skater-font-b-Skirt Online Shopping Store India

It is cool and it is comforting. You will have no problem pulling off this look because deep inside us we all are that denim girls living like a skirt chick. So why not get the best of both worlds.

Pull out that Pull-over

sweater Pull out that Pull-over Online Shopping Store India


Your mother and her mother, they all were right. Pull-over do protect you best from winters. But you can’t just think of putting it over a skirt. Take a closer look with the right attitude and bright smile your pencil skirt will complement that high neck. Best advice put a metal belt or a metal bangle to give it a winter breezy look. You can buy Designer metal bangles online in India on BLING STATION.


PRINTED SKIRTS as FORMALS Colored-Blazers-Pencil-Skirts Online Shopping Store India

Anyone who has been in tabloids of fashion industry has been obsessing over printed skirts or shipping print. When it looks so good on mannequin it totally bizarre us when we try to wear it. No need to nod your head sheepishly at it. These three patterns show us that by choosing subtle color blouse and metal accessories we can pull off this skirt like a boss. Be careful when you are choosing the color of the blazer it totally needs to match the skirt.



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