“Sometimes in life we look for one thing and find another”. Well anyone who has a messy handbag will make out a totally different meaning out of it. For all we know the ground level of a woman’s handbag can have the lost city of Atlantis. Well a messy bag doesn’t mean a woman doesn’t want ample number of these lovely kitties. Here are the six kinds of handbags every woman should own this year.

The Kelly Hand Purse

Classic structured style bag which oozes sophistication and timeless style in its beautiful cluttered design. It can be used on any unofficial outing when you have sort of have to take your entire dressing table with you. It has a large heart like you so pump it up girls.

The Kelly Hand Purse : HANDBAG OBSESSION


An open top bag that often has soft straps or handles, it is perfect for bulk shopping or like the picture says book keeping. It gives a very casual look and can be taken on a holiday where you all want to do is make a messy bun and explore the streets of bazaar.


The Clutch of Ladies

Men we also have our ‘Clutches’ about which we know better than you do about your cars. A clutch is a small handheld bag that is tucked under the arm or carried by hand. It is usually taken to parties where all we need as a handy is our phone, nose powder and a lipstick.

The Clutch of Ladies : HANDBAG OBSESSION

 (Product of BLING STATION)

The Jhol of Jhola

It is ethnic, it is pretty and it is the George Clooney of Indian Purses. The Jhola bags can be paired with a lot of outfits. Like long skirts or dresses, of course anything Indian and it is also a totally hip looking bag for all those women who like to keep it on the edge. A total must-have for your collection.


 (Product of BLING STATION)

The Hobo Bag

It is a perfect bag for college going women and for the women who have an unbroken relationship with casual t-shirts. A hobo bag is a slouchy semi-circular stylish casual bag with just one shoulder strap.

Classic Elegant Canvas Bag Hobo Bag : HANDBAG OBSESSION


The Satchel Purse

It is the perfect everyday bag for the pant-suit and office going woman. It is as formal as they come and have the highest fashion quotient rating.

The Satchel Purse


Browse onto BlingStation.com to grab those sexy handbags in the pictures. Don’t forget to check out their designer women bags online and women fashion accessories. Don’t be in a fix by these six now.


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