2016 Statement Fashion Jewelry

Well ladies you have got to keep up with the time of fashion else this year the Fashion Police is out there to arrest some naughty fashion fall outs. So if you are a lazy girl whose hairstyle name is “I TRIED” then we have a shortcut for you. All you have to do is own these four statement fashion jewelry and walk in a room like a boss.

Stylish Bling Earrings

Earrings are the attraction of your face. So if your eyes were even slightly open all these times then you will know that owning at least one pair of big stylish earrings is a must. You can also go for ear cuffs or animal patterns. The world is your oyster.

Cool Golden Rhinestone Pearl Angel Wing Statement Earrings : Stylish Bling Earrings - 2016 Statement Fashion Jewelry


I know they are not new but we couldn’t help and remind you to own these if you don’t have them already. They are the classy hot line of fashion world today. Here are five designs to choose from which you can wear on almost every occasion from that casual lazy Sunday to that big best friend’s wedding.

Stylish Bling Golden Cuffs : 2016 Statement Fashion Jewelry


Chunky Beaded Bracelet

Beads are the new diamonds. Yes we are not kidding. They are accepted even in Hollywood now if we take a closer look on the fashion world. They are not just small town hippie thing but a starrer of the wrist wrap ons. It is time that you invest into one. We suggest BLING STATION if you are looking for an online beaded bracelet store.

Deep Ocean Pearl Hot Pink Chunky Beaded Bracelet : 2016 Statement Fashion Jewelry


Large Stone Rings

If you are avoid all the hustle bustle kind of girl who cannot even slap a mascara in the morning then you should take a closer look onto this one. It is the fairy God-Mother of the always late girls. These large stone rings give you the right amount of curve sideline in the fashion output. There is no need to worry about the pain of shopping. Just take out your phone to shop for rings online. We suggest BLING STATION as it has some really cool statement Rings in its rings online store.

Large Stone Rings : 2016 Statement Fashion Jewelry


We are offering you the fashion world without any labor. This year won’t be so dull and monotonous if you really try and take our advice. Fashion is not only for those up and cheeky punctual babes. It has something to offer to everybody.



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