Valentine Dupe : Offers LIKE . Share . Win 2016

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those which men discuss in private so if women are to read it please don’t beat your boyfriend/husband over it.1 HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY FOLKS

Okay! So the disclaimer itself indicates that I am on my own for the next few minutes of my life, all alone in the cold, harsh and unforgiving world of social media. What also weakens my case here is the fact that I am a man, going (read daring) to disagree with a partial woman based day in the age of the Internet. And if that day happens to be the most loved one that it is actually celebrated because you love someone then, I better start thinking of a life without my balls. I should also start now by saying that I am a feminist myself and that it has nothing to do with any sexist remarks, yet as an Indian where we men suffer unspeakable ways during the month called February, I would like to shed some opinion on how it just makes us dry right since the start from the month, and I mean financially.


But you know what; you all women have earned this! 

There is no denying the fact that women are the deep sea of caring and loving center and that all we have to do is act like we care too just for what you call THE MONTH OF LOVE. The point is we do care and we are known for our passive nature of NOT showing it. So when the Valentine season arrives we are filled with questions about what to do, how to do and mostly how much will it cost us. Now the thing is February comes like second in the year and since we drained all our money on that memorable NEW YEAR’S party (We also don’t think ahead!) we are pretty much broke on savings. And when we spend almost all of our salary/pocket money on the very second week of month we are left with nothing but literally peanuts to survive the rest of the non fateful days till March.

“Men will have to go on a diet for like a year to save enough to buy just fashion jewelry rather than candy on Valentine’s Day”


So while I was all set to spend and starve this year I came across this life saving budget boy scheme. This fashion website called BLING STATION was giving away free fashion jewelry via a contest. While it was just a promotion gimmick for them it really brought an opportunity for me. They are running a free contest for 14 days in which all I have to do was share their product and the highest sharing scorer wins. 14 days long contest and 14 free different kinds of jewelry. I am in for all the right reasons.

Now most of you will be thinking why I am making the world knowledgeable with this amazing scheme where I will be the boyfriend of the year. Then I would like to remind you that I speak for the whole men race. And if you read between the lines also for the women whose partners are a good-for-nothing fellow like me. To know more you can just go to their website





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