Why shop for Designer Bangles online?

Bangles are an age old tradition. Many women in the past have worn these. Nowadays women are seen wearing the modern day bracelets and cuffs. But bangles still are the most preferred jewelry accessory for women. So what if they are reserved for ethnic dress events. Indian married women till date flaunt their Choodas with Panache and look graceful as ever. They add a feminine touch to your look. With the hectic schedule and long working hours, one can hardly find time to shop physically at stores.

But with numerous online stores, even shopping for jewelry online has become easy and exciting. You just need to know the size of your wrist and you can shop online for bangles at ease. One such designer bangles online store in India is BlingStation. It has an exclusive collection of fashion bangles. Having a wide range of bangles which includes fashion bangles, metal bangles, bangle cuffs, you can experience the latest bangles online shopping in just a few clicks.

Why shop for designer bangles online

When it comes to fashion, there are no set rules. When you accessorize with jewelry or wear fashionable outfits, it should communicate what you are about and what your personality is. When you are adorning these beautiful jewelry pieces, you can keep in mind the following tips to style it better.

  • Vibe : First of all, be clear of what vibe do you want your bangles to project. Do you want to sport a grungy, goth look? If yes, then you can wear a wooden bangle painted in black with another wooden bangle with metal chips or stones. For a more sophisticated vibe, you can stack sleek sterling silver bangles or just adorn with a bold and edgy bangle cuff. When accessorizing with bangles, make sure to keep all your other jewelry pieces minimum. A wrist full of bangles and chandelier earrings or danglers or a dramatic statement necklace would make the whole look unnecessary and not well thought or out together. Ethnic bangles like these can spice up your western outfits.
  • Contrast : Mix contrasting colors while stacking your bangles. Stacking bangles in contrasting colors like orange and pink can bring vibrancy and a variety to your look. Also, if you are a little dicey about contrasting colors, then you can very well play around the same color family. If you are planning to go monochrome and the color you have decided to play around is orange, then you can wear bangles in different shades of orange, like an amber bangle with crimson and so on and so forth.
  • Texture : Add an interesting twist to your stack of bangles by mixing textures. A bangle with Turquoise stone beads with a metallic bangle painted in green. You can also bring in a few bracelets to jazz things a bit. For example, an ivory bracelet with a wooden bangle or leather wrapped chain bracelet with a few black bangles and so on.

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