4 Tips to Style Beaded Bracelets

Styling Beaded Bracelets was never this easy. Just follow these four simple steps.

They say you can determine one’s personality by their shoes but did you know that even fashion accessories are windows to your personality? Accessories like watches, scarves, bracelets can be instant conversation starters. Beaded bracelets are a great way to add variation to your look. They are casual accessories that can help bring variety.

Deep_Ocean_Pearl-Hot_Pink-Chunky Beaded Bracelet-online-Shopping-Store

These are a few tips on how you can style your beaded bracelets:

  • Build a foundation– Find an eye catching bracelet. This bracelet is your foundation bracelet. Now, pick bracelets that are somewhat in that same theme as that foundation bracelet. This is so that you know what all bracelets you can stack on. When it comes to stacking on, we have the tendency of piling on anything and everything we own in our bracelet collection. Keeping a foundation bracelet serves as the base. For example if you have a wooden bangle bracelet, then you can opt for beige colored bangles or thin beaded bracelets which matches with the texture and tone of the wooden bracelet. This is our next step.
  • Watch the tone– Keep the tone and texture in mind. Combine larger beaded bracelets with smaller beaded bracelets. When styling beaded bracelets, go for those colors that are around the same color family. You can also take a beaded necklace and twist it two three rows and voila! You just got a brand new bracelet. If you have a few chain bracelets that you think would suit the attire, then you can go ahead. However if you are still learning then the third step id what you should do.
  • Start simple– If you are just dipping your feet in this trend (wrist in this case), then you can start simple. For starters, you can wear wrap bracelets. It is one trend that goes around and around- like literally! You can just throw one on, according to your mood and you are good to go. Beaded wrap bracelets and leather wrap bracelets look great at almost every occasion.
  • Comfort comes first– Whatever fashion you sport, make sure that it is comfortable. More than being fashionable, being comfortable is more important. Unless you are confident about a fashion statement, you cannot style it with panache. You can shop for beaded bracelets online on fashion jewelry stores like BlingStation.com. Beaded Bracelets Online Store is a great way to shop for fun and quirky pieces at the comfort of your home.

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