Tips on How to wear Bangles

Styling Bangle bracelets is easy if you just know these simple tips. Follow these 3 simple tips to accessorize just right


Tips on How to wear Bangles


Bangles are simple accessories that take your outfit a notch up. They are a great way to add that needed ‘something’ to your outfits, add that extra element and extra dimension. Many a times, people use the terms bangle and bracelet interchangeably without realizing that these are two different things. A bracelet comes with a clasp or a fastening knot when a bangle is something that you just need to stack on after finding the right size. Multiple bangles and bracelets worn together are however known as bangle bracelets. The following are the tips you need to consider while wearing bangles:

Keep one hand bare – While stacking bangles, avoid wearing them on both the hands as it would look over the top. If you want to sport a minimal look, then opt for a sleek bracelet. If you are in a playful mood then you can stack a bunch of vibrant, colorful bangles and bracelets. Go for an eye catching bracelet or bangle and then make the other colors revolve around it. While combining different colored bracelets and bangles, you should stick to complementary colors. Examples of some complementary colors are blue and orange, red and green. They make a great contrasting pair.

What is the occasion? – A noisy stack of bracelets at a formal event or a bracelet with precious stones at a casual sports event is inappropriate. Wear appropriate bangle bracelets at appropriate places. You want to draw attention but in the right way. There are bracelets available for every occasion- Floral bracelets with feminine dresses, ethnic bangles with ethnic attires. Not into dressing girly? Then with that perfect moto jacket, you can sport a biker bracelet.

Play with textures – Choose different designs and textures while wearing your bangles and bracelets. Different textures make the assortment lively and make you look creative. Like for instance, wear a wooden beaded bracelet with a metal bangle and if textures confuse you a bit, then go for the same texture but different sizes. Combine bigger beaded bracelets with bracelets made with smaller beads.


Tips on How to wear Metal Bangles

You can shop for bangles online at a plethora of online jewelry stores. Pamper yourself by shopping for some trendy bangles on bangles online stores.  They can make you look effortlessly stylish. Effortlessly stylish means that it doesn’t look like you have put in a lot of effort into your look, still you look stylish as heck.


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