Difference Between Silver and Artificial Jewellery

Ethically, it may require for the maker to mark the metal and the metal quality. For Sterling Silver, the mark shall be either the digits 925 (ie. 92.5% silver, that is Sterling) or a “Sterling stamp engraved in words. The piece should have the mark, near the clasp, if anything, then it will be somewhere at the end of the chain. There are times, when the mark is on a tad bit flat looking ring that’s there at the end of the chain, so one must check around.

Difference Between Silver and Artificial Jewellery

The real, which is the Sterling Silver, would tarnish over time and on certain people it tarnishes even more quickly because of the body chemistry, some people sweat more, some people sweat less, thus, on them the Silver may never tarnish. To prevent the Silver from tarnishing, Sterling is often plated with this metal, to protect the Sterling and keep the tarnish at bay. Now, if We talk about how different is artificial jewelry from Silver Jewelry, we can easily talk about the very obvious thing, that Artificial jewelry does get damaged due to water, moisture, or basically any external element, that does not happen in the case of Rhodium plated Sterling Silver as it is processed with a preventive layer. Moreover, I bought this Silver Pendants for Girls, from this amazing site BlingStation.com that said Buy Online Jewelry and thus, I preferred buying Silver Jewelry than going for some Artificial Jewelry Online, although they had good collection of both.


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